Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweet Simplicity

Vase & Flowers    By Sandy Jones 

Sweet Simplicity  

So, my nice little Mac lap-top stopped working. And for 4 days I was without the internet. I played music, and I painted. Oh, and yes, I cleaned the house. That was nice. 

Here is the painting I did. And I wrote a little sort of something. Here it is:

I am impulsive and optimistic. That combination can be a bit dangerous you would think. But, has not been so for me.

I get excited and leap believing the best will be. Low and behold, the best always is-- it's not failed me yet. And I've got a lot of years into this.

All circumstances, meetings, occurrences in our lives are always for something Good. You do have to look for it though. Sometimes it is hiding, sometimes it takes some time to find it. But you can always find it, if you want to.

Looking for Good is really just another way of finding the Truth. The Truth is the Pure Light beyond time and space and matter, but the Truth contains all space and matter, you and me. Finding the Truth is the reason we are all here in this world experience. We are here to uncover or reveal for our self the Goodness that is right here standing behind everything.

There is Light and Beauty in all things.

It is always here.

Of course it is.

Because in the Light of Truth, Good is All that is going here. You can find it coming and going, either way, it remains Good.

God does not have an opposite of Itself, it is All That Is, Totality. Even the shadow leads to the tree. So shadow is good.

Well, I have been able to find Good in all things. If I can do it, any one can. And the wonders and the joy that transpire when we do this, are pure magic, absolutely divine.

For me, it has become the only way.

Now the steady stream of Love and Power sustains me.

And so, that is what I will do, I let this steam pour out into my world. I can't see much else to live for but to Love. Love seems to me to be the only reason I am here.

So, there you go, I'll do what I can, and I love you.

Art work titled  "Vase & Flowers"  by  Sandy Jones 4/2/14

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Real Thinking

By Sandy Jones

Real "thinking" is a gift from God. 

I mean real thinking, the kind that breaks us right out into the Wild West of the Cosmic Songs-- fearless thinking is an important and essential part of not getting stuck in the mire of limited, dogmatic, rote, repetitive, indoctrinated, mistaken thinking that leads to getting no where in the world but the same old concepts reboxed, relabeled and resold.

Looks to me that if more people in this world would think, could think and would really take it for a wild ride out to the edges--we'd be way further down the road of living in Joy and Harmony in innovative and creative, freely flowing, lawless ways.

Without the Real Thinking -the kind that comes from a mind set free-- we are stuck as a society.

I again say, do not throw out your mind, your thinking, your self, your 'I" or your 'ego' and whatever else someone has told you to do.

Get back to YOU--Then, when you stand on your own feet and can think for yourself, with a mind of your own, you won't fall for the lies and power plays and sucker punches. If you embrace your Self--You won't bow to false authorities, and you won't be fooled or controlled.

You will find the only authority you need is You. You will be sailing free, going with the Tao and not against It.

Fearless and wide open to Life Itself looking for and seeing the Good in everything. It is there. You got it. 

And I am saying if we love who we are, including everything about us, even our mind, our thinking --When I Love "all of me" (and I do)-- somehow that Love transforms.

When we go toward the things we are afraid of and we move close in on it, come near, embrace everything about us and bring it all into us, the things we were fearful of all vanish into thin air--While at the same time-- some of those things we thought were so terrible turn out to remain and we are left with such delightful and individual idiosyncrasies that add this brilliant Light to our world. The Individuality of us is the part that brings such great joy and pleasure to Life.

The Wonder of Love is the answer to it all. When we go back to the Self then we discover we all have way more wonderful stuff in us, as us, as the very truth and soul of us-- and when we Love "the wheat with the weeds" not trying to pluck the weeds out first-- we turn out to be these amazing people with glitter in our hair and whipped cream on top.

I just see how everyone is so Beautiful when they truly just let go of fear and be who they are. Or as my mother, God bless her very cool, hipster soul, used to say "let go and let God' --

It's LOVE that does the work, It's Love that holds all the power, It's Love that rules and is the answer; Kind of like the old fairytale Beauty and The Beast -- you know, often the Truth is cloaked in fairytales, and that one is a classic.

Living and Loving Me and You just the Way We Are, Sandy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

About China, Deific Solipsism, Helping People

I found this paper in William's unpublished journal notes.  I have been searching through all of his old journals, including copies of letters to others that he wrote over the years, finding things that will be added to his biography that I am slowly, very slowly, trying to put together.  Everything I have of his is amazing and wonderful. But, this one I found to be absolutely marvelous, as it includes some of his war history along with such a profound and important inspired, honest message.  Enjoy  -- Sandy Jones - Literary executor and editor. 

Feb. ’79

About China, Deific Solipsism, Helping Others                     By William Samuel 

During the Korea war the U.S. found itself fighting the Chinese. I was in the army at that time. I was also in the army during WWII when we had trained the combat against the Japanese where I observed the Oriental soldier in action, fighting along side him.
When the Korean “police action” began I fully expected to be brought forth where my knowledge of the Oriental could be utilized.  After all there were only a few hundred American infantry men who had lived with Chinese units and fought side by side with them against the Japanese. I lived in the field with the Chinese soldier for more than three years--and that’s a lot of experience most difficult to come by.

When the Chinese entered the Korean war against the United States, my experience was not made use of at all by the U.S.  Not on the scale it could have been.  Yes, I was called on to command troops against the Chinese, but in no time did our government query anyone I know of who really knew how the Chinese soldier fought in the field.  So, my expertise went unused except as I could use it on a small scale of an infantry company commander fighting in the bloody triangle of that war’s last days, Pork Chop Hill was pert of the triangle of conflict.  The Korean veteran and the Korean war is forgotten today, except as the first war the United States couldn’t win. The men who fought in that conflict remember it very well.

I came home from that war and circumstances brought me off active duty and put me into the reserve where I was called back to active duty again for only a brief period when it looked as if an invasion of Cuba was in store. I was a Major by that time, or a Lt. Col.,  I don’t remember, but I was to be a Battalion commander --infantry man with fixed bayonets again. Someday I should write of those staging days in Orlando Florida--and the wonderful sense of calm I felt then---aware finally of what warfare is, and means, and accomplishes over the short period. 

Some years after that, after having lived its principles and proven their validity, I wrote and published A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity.  Young people and Metaphysical idealists have asked e the same question over and over; how could you be a soldier and abide by these principles?  My reply was always the same--It was difficult. Combat and family have been the two most difficult experiences in my life--and difficulty surely teaches wisdom in ways nothing else does.  Wisdom may come humanly via the touch of Grace for some--but it came the hard way for me---out of awful warfare, inner and outer, outer and inner.

Well now, as I say, what I learned came to be put in a book--and then another and another--and into essays--and into lectures and a few classes here and there--and into many personal visits folks have made here to Alabama. And by and large I have been able to communicate my gleening of my recognition of Selfhood so these “others” would be spared the combat, inner and outer, that seem otherwise necessary before the shell is cracked an the
chrysalis emerges. 
As the Seminal idea has emerged into conscious recognition, I became aware that what I  call my country is not a separate entity separate and apart from the functioning awareness I am.  “Out there” isn’t concerned about my expertise until I am concerned with “out there’s” meaning to me--because it is my picture of me so to speak--not separate from the living Awareness that sees it.  And this is the same for my government too--a fact that dawned so slowly for me. Despite Lao Tse’s many mentions of Tao’s influence not only within oneself, but in the family, the neighborhood, the village, the nation, the world and he didn’t eve stop there--within the Universe said Lao Tse, my bright mirrored Self -image telling it to me honestly from out the wisdom of the East.  

Well, so what? What is this all about? Just a simple point that the government and its affaires are not outside Awareness either, therefore we can’t just become aware of Self from a single point of view--but as the Universe as it appears to the point of view as well. 

Let me explain what I mean. Once before I had much knowledge that would have been immensely helpful to this government of mine had they but taken the time to ask me about it.  Whatever efforts I made to offer my services fell on deaf ears--and to make matters worse I was back into physical combat again with everything appearing to indicate that I had really learned nothing at all for all my study and knowledge of the “absolute” and all that stuff.  It was surely the same feeling I presently hear from so many who have become confused by all the teaching everywhere where each is calling his way the only way--or else it is all organized into a system that is so complicated and scientific as to be beyond the intellectual capacities of anyone, even the wizards who muttered and peeped them up in the first place. Why doesn’t my metaphysics work for me now? Where has my hope and enthusiasm gone now? Why is my body so old and alone in the world now? Why isn’t my government taking care of the sick and elderly now> Why are my savings of a life time losing their value everyday and nothing I do seems to help anymore.  Nothing seems to work...........

................Then, everyone’s last hope Samuel arrives on the scene 
and most
are able to hear through the threats of doom and gloom 
and find, actually FIND, the Self-secure One who is Life itself 
within which 
there is no shortage 
nor threat 
nor even shadow of turning.....

But, after I published, no longer concerned with the “out there”as anything but an indivisible scene within this single Awareness being I, lo, “ out there” government came to me, asking my opinion of Chinese communism that appear so threateningly on the scene--and I was able to make the helpful statements to myself that were impossible when the inside/outside dualism existed. 

Have I said that so the gentle point is clear? It isn’t complicated.  Yes it is a meaningful point to everyone, because as appearances go, everyone looks to the outside for some part of his personal well being---people want other people to buy their product or supply their need.  People look to others for their leadership. And what we are saying here is that we find “others” tending the village and the universe capably when we end the foolishness of separating awareness into external and internal s though these two were actually two different things. We find our GOVERNMENT and our WORLD pursuing the same course we set for ourselves. Awareness includes both the singular point of view of one as well as many. It also surveys the government of the many and finds that government the property of Mind, not man.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty                                     By Sandy Jones 

Let’s think about what has happened here in this country the United States of America.  It was founded on the idea or principles of individual liberty and the insightful notion that all men are created equal. The reason we are all created equal is that we are all made of the same exact, may I put this in my terms; Divine DNA.  We cannot be less That, for we are the progeny of Godhead the Ineffable Unseen Illimitable Light.

God is Light, Light is intelligence in the form of information.  Tangible ‘things’ are ideas inform-ed.   An idea begins with mind, then the idea is seen as a finished tangible product.  This world we live in is the expression of  ‘ideas‘ of the One Divine Mind made manifest as ‘time-space-material world’.  

Well, now what has all this got to do with the founding principles of the U.S. ?

I’ll tell you; The original intent of the Founding Fathers was to ‘create‘ the kind of country that would be a reflection of each man knowing himself.  To know thyself is first. The premise being based in the many diverse and personal expressions of Deism.

The idea was that once you know who you are, as in connection to a Divine Creator then you can then very easily live out from your own divine knowing.  An example might be one of ‘do unto others as you would like them to do unto you’ reflects a natural law the heart knows without any teaching.

or when one lives in accord with the Tao we know the natural flow of the laws of Life innately.

Wisdom comes from the individual knowing his rightful Identity is in fact of that same Divine Source. We are and must be “of It’ by the very fact that we exit. 

Well, you see, one day I decided that this made so much sense to me that I was going to have to try it out, test it, see how far I could I go with the premise or belief that God-Whatever  and I are ‘one’, I knew it must be true simply because I cannot see how I could be someone or something separate from that Unseen Source.

So I leaped, I let God be all that I am--now, you see, there is a difference here in that I did not do what I see others have done when they discover there is a “oneness” involved in being, I did not say I was God. That makes no sense really. It was clear to me that Whatever God Is-- I cannot be God but I am most obviously one with It.
Kind of like God is the Knower, the Known and the Knowing. I cannot be the Knower, I cannot be all that God knows or all that is known. I am knowing.  I-knowing I am. That’s a good step toward knowing I am “one with the Knower”--Singing cannot know Singer, but Singer can know the song. 

Or to use a philosophical term my brilliant and wise teacher, William Samuel coined;   Deific Solipsism. We are experiencing not man’s mind, but God’s alone. There is no other.  Only One Mind, which is the Mind of God, is all there is going on here. 

Well, all that to say, one day I just accepted that on faith. My leap was made in pure faith. 

The idea was that I was not God, but I was far more than just a body with a brain, a person who was often beating herself up for her latest stupid mistake or unkind, ungenerous acton brought on by fear. 

I was not that limited view of myself, or more nearly, I was her and I was more than that too. So, I really did put it to the test.

Sometimes I think that at that moment of realization and faith, the angels, or Grace walked in. I can tell you that something shifted deep inside as I began to ‘live it’.

It was clear, I was not just a person born in a body, living in space, calling that my life,  I was more, so much more, but I didn’t know exactly what, though I knew it was real.

I was going to find out. 

The Idea I leaped into was basically that God is All;  God being the One Whatever that has no beginning and no end--is infinite-- and therefore nothing exists outside of It. God this Living Presence that is being All that is being all that I am.  

And into that idea I simply started walking and doing and being on pure conjecture and acceptance that there could not possibly be any other answer.

At that point in my life I was trying to figure out how to make a living. I had not worked at a paying job for 30 years. Previous to that time, everything had just been handed to me.. And when I had worked, it was just a paycheck as a waitress or sales girl many years ago. 

So there I was, I had to find a way to make a living. Now, since this Divine Allness was being “all that I am” I could see that Life was also “all that I am”--I mean, I would not be this knowing if God were not the Knower. Knowing is a fact, I could see that, I know I am. Yet too, all that “knowing” is not being all that is known. What is known? Life is known, existence is known, I know I exist because I ‘see and be’ as existence itself. That existence includes those things that exist in my life. 

Since I was being shown that everything is “knowing” that Life is the ‘state of knowing’. I could not separate myself from God The First Cause, the Only Knower on the scene.  How could I separate me from everything else around me?  I could not.. .So work, job, income, creative abilities, fearlessness, love, confidence and this world of things as tangible matter were all involved here. 

I and my ‘things’ are one, so to speak. 

Just making that slight shift from God is separate from me, and I am separate from other things--- to God is being me, being all that I am, and being all things---that started the ball rolling. 

I woke one morning, a few weeks down the road from that first act of faith, with an idea. Having tried a few ideas that came to me, but didn’t seem to be the right answers, I woke early in the morning and I had seen what I was going to do. I was going to take my art work and create an art gallery for my work. I would be a gallery owner and my gallery would look like replica of my art work. I would create a ‘walk in’ living “home” because my art work is mostly about ‘home’--I paint little vignettes of sweet, gentle home life. 

I would start with my own art and I knew exactly how to create the ambience of the space.

 I remember still to this day how I literally said out loud, “Look Sandy, you used to play store when you were a little girl, you know how to play store, just start playing store”  ---and so I did.  All my courage was not courage, it was freedom from fear. How could I lose when in fact God is All that Is.

And Ruth said, Urge me not to leave you or to turn back from following you; for where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people and your God my God.”

 I had a space that would work. So, I created it to feel like home. I painted the walls and moved some furniture in and it all felt comfortable and beautiful and warm.  It did not feel like your everyday shop or atelier.   I was creating a place that if you walk into it you would or could feel as if you’d walked into something magical, a holy sanctuary, a Living Glimmer of Truth in form. I wanted to make this place the tangible representation of this Divine Presence that I was feeling within me, and thus in and through and behind everything now. 

That one leap of Faith was the only leap I ever needed since. That Faith came running to catch me, fully and lovingly it holds me in Its arms.

I became the 7 year old girl I used to be. I became fearless and open and carefree. I became trusting and innocent and pure in heart.  And I was playing store, and indeed I
did know how to do that. 

Everyday from those days forward, this Sweet Inner Light keeps me at peace and provides some insight or energy or motivation for whatever I must do next. 

I love who I am, I love my self as this Sweet Child-Girl who loves her world mightily.

As I lived the Faith, the more obvious it became to me that this truly is the one and only real way to live. I could see how all the worldly problems could be solved just by this one act of individual Living Faith, made by each of us, alone.

Just by each one of us realizing he/she is an aspect of God The All in all. And then trusting that completely. Putting it to the test, proving for yourself its reality. 

Once you get that right, the rest just flows sweet and easy.

I did have a point here. I said that the idea behind America was and still is an inspired idea. A true divine vision of
who and what we ‘really are’ as individuals, one to one with the very Nature of God. I believe that the Founding Fathers knew ‘who they were’; that they were living-knowing-divine aspects of Divine Mind. They knew that each man has been given his own direct connection to Godhead the All in all.

They were visionaries, they saw the Truth that
There is Only One and they were in tune with their own divine DNA , confident in themselves. These were not ‘religious’ men, they were divinely inspired men.  They were not coming from dogma, they were in touch directly with the Illimitable Power and Light within them. The Power of God that resides in Every Man/Woman. They acted out of fearless Love for the Truth and they knew the Truth could be Lived by every one of us. 

This was not just about the U.S. it was a statement about “everyman’. Not only that, but that “we the people” were supposed to be the Shining Example of Life Lived as the “inseparable children, the expression of God”. 

Freedom is the answer. The Real Freedom can be lived as the the Divine Souls we truly are. And we can do this no matter how controlling, harsh, corrupt or restrictive the human government gets. This is a transcendent experience and yet, when we really live It fully, it is seen, manifested, reflected here in the tangible world experience. Therefore, if we want to help the world to freedom and justice for all, we must live it first in our own lives. 

You see, the call for freedom is entwined with our understanding of “who we are”. The very notions that are written in the U.S. Constitution are based on the premise that human beings are divine by nature. That, “We The People”, are aspects of Godhead the Single and Only Source of All That Is. 

 Why a small government? Because the Government of God (not man) is the only true and effective authority in ones life.  That  genuine authority lives in everyone of us.  

Take a look, human government is about control, fear and reliance on false powers. 

 Real Government is the within us.  It is the call deep inside that says we do not need some other person telling us what to do, or what is right or wrong. We have the Power and Authority Here Within our own Soul, Mind and Heart. We are, by the very fact of our existence, one with God---The One and Only Light of Real Freedom.

Once you see this, no government of human system can take this Truth from you.

You are free from fear-- and being free from fear opens the mind and heart to wisdom and love, generosity and kindness, and all the unique, individual special details about you that make you one of a kind, gifted and talented and willing to bring your Self to the world.  Each with our own piece of the puzzle that works to make the whole world “heaven on earth’.  

The beauty of all this, is that we are no longer telling another what to do, but in all honestly, trusting them as  we have trusted and found our selves, we trust others because there is no doubt that they too have the same Light within.

Well, God Bless America, a land that I love-- that should be the shining example of the Truth of Independence from false authorities, human government, human organizations and binding ideologies.  We are still this, and though we have not recognized or truly lived the precepts on which this United States was founded upon, we still can, for it is never too late to discover your True Identity.
We can because, if you exist, then the Light of Truth is still here within you. Within every man and woman and child on earth. We are the unbound Selfhood of God the One and Only Self-governing Mind going on.  

Sandy Jones  Literary executor and protégé to William Samuel

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guide Posts

GUIDEPOSTS                                                             William Samuel

Certain guideposts indicate the changed perspectives that come with enlightenment:

There comes an undreampt comprehension of the REASONS for Light/light, time and space, past, present and future. Neither teachers nor books discuss this yet—but some good physicists and mathematicians are getting close. They have only to discover subjectivism's Child within themselves and to recognize the totality of consciousness.

The meanings of (and reasons for) other special things arrive also—such as beginnings and endings, above and below, first and last, inside and outside, essence and image, male and female, overtones, bridges and time, balance, contradistinction, synergism. Quite beyond expectation, beyond words, it seems presently, but not for much longer.

A marvelous childlikeness and simplicity arrive.

We have unexpected insights into the reasons for religion and philosophy; we begin to understand the reasons standing behind the three stages taken intuitively toward wisdom and understanding; we see not only the reasons for the appearances of evil in the world, but also the Reason beyond that.

There is a new awareness of HONESTY and an equal aversion to deception. One becomes aware of the incredible quantity of horsefeathers and bologna presented to the world in the name of Truth, from authorities who are no authorities at all. We see the fraudulence and deception inherent in certain practices and eschew them. We can see why and how people in the world claim a knowledge of Truth long before they are living it.

There comes an enwrapping, protecting Power of another kind, most amazing.

The sticking places in religion and subjective studies become transparent—and we see the good reasons for them.

Especially this: the natural and simple ability to see good in everything develops beyond every expectation! And with this comes a grand generosity of spirit and a willingness to help the world.

Finally, possibly grandest of all because it is the reason for living, comes the DISCOVERY of the Child within—and the Child's way to live, the Equation!

The Original of us is ATTAINABLE, right here in the tangible world where hell and its terror seem ubiquitous and inescapable to others.

Oh, there is more to this attainment of the Child than TALKING about it—but talking is necessary. Most of mysticism, religion and metaphysics addresses unimportant issues. Science is working with effects, without the Child's guidance. Organizational metaphysics doesn't have the essentials straight, and the protectors of dogma (with their concern for numbers) refuse to see the subjective Truth as anything but a threat to the status quo, even when that Truth is spelled out before them—no different now than in the days of the prophets or when Jesus called religious leaders dogs in the manger who would neither eat the oats nor let the cattle eat them.

There are other guideposts—cosmological, hierarchical, ascending and descending—none of which is to the least degree mystical or difficult to apprehend by the Child of us. All of it is revealed intuitively on the wings of Light, without hard study. We find ourselves knowing without effort. None of this is what one expects, whether he is a churchman, metaphysician, scientist or mystic.

There is a mighty reversal and a return to the Beginning in the end, completely unexpected; not a turning back, as words make it sound, but an ONGOING into wonder after wonder inexplicable to the unattained and arrogant nature of us.

It comes as God's grace—glimpse upon glimpse, precept upon precept, bringing a new recognition of the value of the Enlightened among us whose wisdom we seek out. My own religious and metaphysical studies were misleading in this area especially. I see my metaphysical friends stagnating at the plateau where everything is perceived “within” themselves. Just as I did before them, they stand there, ignoring the outside of the cup, even denying its reality, while trying to heal the inside. The religionist washes both sides of the cup but defends his personal dogma and accuses others of heresy without knowing anything about the subjectivism he is condemning. The scientist peers at the faint glimpses of light in his microscope and telescope, using the very science and essence of subjectivism, but, as yet, is unaware of the guiding Child within himself.

Who will get these three things straight? The reader first, then the world following. Why is this the order? Because the world exists within Awareness and is following in time. Beneath the increasing confusion and complexity of this world is the original little boy or girl we once were, still there, awaiting our recognition and call.

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics   By William Samuel

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Child's Way and The Holy Spirit

From William Samuel's Unpublished Private Journal        

The Child's Way and the Holy Spirit are the same 

The Child’s Way is the Way of the Holy Sprit.

The Child’s Way is the Christ Light’s Way.

The experience of the Holy Spirit is the point at which one touches the Chid’s path.  The experience of being “born again” (which one FEELS and KNOWS is unique and wonderful, unlike anything that has happened in his life before) is the birth of the subjective idea wherein one is becoming acquainted with the INTERNAL nature of Being and the Universe. 

The study of subjectivism is the external school of the Child, though I don’t know a single metaphysics in the world (except for original Christianity and Original Taoism) which knows of the significance of the Child within us.

Granted, theology certainly speaks of the Soul of Man and its importance, but somewhere the Soul’s identity as the Child of God--which is the Child one IS--was lost and is no longer taught. 

Perhaps the return of this idea constitutes what Jesus spoke of as the Comforter that comes following.   If so, these words come to hail the Comforter which comes to do all things. Whatever may be the case, there is no doubt in my mind that this work heralds the beginning of the blossoming of the Tree of Life, the final flowering, the Seed of which will be the Chosen, the plucked and taken away into another time and space.  There become the New Planting for the next Pulse of Light, somewhere else in Godhead. 

Those who perceive this Idea will become part of the new community of Correspondents whose efforts will become dramatically synergistic to their own amazement and take place ABOVE the battles that will rage full fledged around them.  These Children will take no sides. They will battle neither for the right nor the left,  neither for the right nor the wrong, nor even for the good against the evil, knowing a HIGER Good that transcends even as it encompasses all human concepts. They will be cognizant of the reasons for the worlds struggles, but as they live  in the world and until the seed corn is gathered by God Himself they will continue to Love God with all their hearts and minds and they will love all mankind as themselves, constantly acting in their behalf for Good. 

If you would like to read more about The Child
you can purchase the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  By William Samuel 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Standing On My Own Feet

Standing On My Own Feet                                    Sandy Jones 

Yes, Yes, here we have an amazing bit of wisdom and honesty in a few short words; a rare gift in this world today. 

William Samuel writes: 

"The statement that leaves one standing on his own feet, without saint or avatar external to himself, is the only statement worthy of the world."

That is just about the most prefect message I think I may have ever read.

The Joy and Freedom that comes when we find our self; that's It. If you are being pointed back to your Self, wherein you are able to stand on your own feet, free, fearless and balanced-- be assured, this is the Way.

This journey to find the Truth turns out to be a journey to find your self. The Truth is YOU. The true authority is not in the priest, the president, the guru, the government, the church, the 'teaching'. It is not in the limitations of doctrine or ideology---unless those teaching turn you around and send you right back to YOU, telling you to follow Your Heart always. Listen to Your Self.

You, the Child of You, your Identity sits right next to Reality/God. You cannot go wrong here.

Here we find the Pure Freedom from all 'other authority'. Here is your Power. Standing true and faithful is your Self-Knowing-Light which is Yours already and now.

If you are really interested in helping your world, help yourself first, find the Child. Clarity comes, the fog lifts and false systems, ideologies, authorities and lies become obvious.

You will stand on your own feet and you will understand and Live your Understanding. All the answers are right there in you, in your heart, mind and soul. How much closer is your heart, mind, and soul?

When you hear the words that lead you back to your own True Selfhood, which is as close to God as you can get --those words, that statement, will be worthy of you and your beloved world.

You are the Light, the Truth and The Way. The Living Light of Divine Intelligence is within you.

Once you know, then all the insanity of the world cannot lead you from Living in Honesty your own divine Equation in balance and stability and Intelligence. You won't be duped by the shadows and the powerless things.

You have found the door to a whole new world of perception as you live the Light within you fearlessly in the world. A new dimension is added.

Be brave, stand up, trust yourself. Shine your beautiful Light, so that others might find their own Self-knowing authority within them.

The Child is here within us and It is the only way now to find Real Freedom, not the kind of false 'freedom' doled out by laws, rules, governments and churches. But the Real, Immutable Freedom which is your Divine Heritage and your God given Divine Birth Right.

This Self you are is divine, holy, individual, strong, creative, vital, eager, a Child of God-- and in fact has all the answers-- It is being all you will need to survive.

There is nothing in life that can hurt, take, imprison or hold you from being who you are-- sweet one, dear one, love.

You will find the Self to be the Light of God’s Infinite, Immutable Awareness, right here, you can discover the immaculate Self you were before you were born into this world experience.

This Inner Guide, this Self-Knowing One, the Pristine Child is the Light and Life within each of us, now. It is pure, untouched by the world. You will find It, because it is closer than a dream, It is you right now and always.

Love, Sandy

I would suggest that anyone interested in their own Self discovery should read the book by William Samuel titled
"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" This book is an honest and worthy statement that will leave you standing on your own feet.