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William Samuel
William Samuel

Friday, April 22, 2016

Remembering Childhood

"Sparkles" by Sandy Jones 

Jesus said, "The person old in days won't hesitate to ask a little child seven days old about the place of life, and that person will live. For many of the first will be last, and will become a single one" (Thomas 4)

"Blessed is the person who stands at rest in the beginning. And that person will be acquainted with the end and will not taste death."  (Thomas 18 ) 

Another letter from William Samuel, sent to me, Sandy Jones, many years ago from his personal, private journals - which he entrusted with me, saying that I would know when the time was right to share them. heart emoticon Today is a good day for this one.  

Remembering  Childhood        

 A personal letter from William Samuel from 1986  

There is hope for us if we can recall a single happy childhood moment.  Just one, even if it isn’t complete, even if just a smattering, vague and nearly gone.  We are still children at heart.  That is, there are none of us who doesn’t remember the innocence and excitement of at least a tiny part of our early days when we bounded with innocent enthusiasm and imagination, before doubts and distrusts became a controlling factor in our formulations.  Some of us felt more of this then others, but no one is totally void of a few sweet enthusiasms of childhood.  It is essential that we recall some of them, and we can. 

Perhaps we don’t remember them well, but there were days when the newborn was comforted by the feeding mother and the sounds of her voice, long before conscious  feelings, before thoughts of trust and distrust entered into anything for us.  There were those moments when we had pure, unadulterated faith in the one who cared for us because we had not yet experienced a moment of faithlessness nor even knew what such a concept meant.

Those were the days of our soul when the Divine Imprint was unimpededly present.  Those were the days of our innocence, before we knew sadness and guilt.  Those were the days of childlikeness and motivelessness when we effortlessly existed in the state to which the ancient philosophers and wise people implored us to return to.  Then, in those years when we were hungry, we fretted and cried. When we were satisfied we slept.  If there were dreams, they were of the ocean within the womb, of the rhythmic movement of our earth mother, the sounds of her heart and voice, singing, crying, laughing, the music of the Universe and angels clapping.  In those early days the morning stars sang together and we the newborn had memories of the Unspeakable Ineffable before linear time began.  In those sweet days we experienced, but we had no names for our experiences, nothing to compare them with, nothing to judge them by. The old philosopher, LaoTse, called this the time of the Ancients.  Jesus spoke of this as the Child of Seven Days.

This, the original child, is still here with us this instant as we contemplate these words.  This, the Original child, he and she, being all there is to both genders, hasn’t gone away.  It is still here right now, considering these words that are taking us back to an earlier time before Time  People don’t think of this child anymore, but one day we will again when hopelessness and helplessness return, when the clouds of poverty and death come lowering and the crickets stop singing.  Each and all of us return to this beginning.

We arrived on the human scene of the ten thousand things guided by unseen angels, driven only by the Divine Imprint which has been here with us from the Beginning of time.  We leave this arena helplessly and alone, protected only by the our faith in the invisible, unprovable Divine Imprint that carries us according to our belief through the frightening passages to the timeless and eternal Heaven from whence we came.

Happy childhood, unhappy childhood, makes no difference.  Both contain the basic elements of the first trusting child who had no occasion yet to distrust; of the original child who had no reason yet to disbelieve.  For some of us, the change happens more quickly.  Those with the unhappy childhood seem to rediscover the original state sooner than the pragmatic and those with the joyful, unchallenged times.  The grand Rediscovery and its refinement is surely, and merely, the wish to live again.

 How to do this? We can believe again that there was such a time, even if it’s forgotten, because there was such a time for all of us.  We can wish to be there again consciously, though in fact we’ve never really been away just as original letter has never left the alphabet nor the number been absent from the Perfect First Principle.


Well, I couldn’t sleep tonight, Father, so here I am in the middle of the night trying to write of the difficult things so hard to put into words that the heart can hear.  No one in all these years has understood what I understand to be the Original Child who preceded me in to the world, and will survive when the finite one is forgotten. That Original One is the Soul of the Image of God, if I may use that word without dredging up thoughts of religion, dogma, pious organizations and their manipulated sanctimonious holy books. 

And what is the soul? It is the Image of the Ineffable.  It is the qualities , characteristics and attributes which only God knows Itself to be and the mortal mind of reason and logic will never know at all.  This soul existed before ever a religion existed, before a creed or dogma made its spurious demands, before anyone had fallen from grace or become a sinful mortal with a body of flesh. 

There is an eternal Imprint.  And what is that? It is the totality of all the Ineffable knows Himself to be, the image of his own characteristics and attributes as eternal and immutable as He.  The original Child of us, the soul of us, God that enormous totality, known only to God in its fullness.   But, that Image and  its qualities, characteristics and attributes are nothing of themselves.  They live and move and have their being as God’s own functioning Self-knowledge in God’s unending action of being Self-aware.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Way To Begin The Day

"Whipped Cream"  by Sandy Jones 

The Awareness of Self-Discovery  By William Samuel 


A Practical Philosophy

The world is full of philosophies that are neither practical nor relevant to the daily experience incapable of being put to practice and their honesty proven. THIS philosophy of ABSOLUTE AWARENESS is eminently practical and immediately provable. It begs to be taken out of the arena of speculation and comparison and put to the test that its fruits may become tangible in the apparent world of our daily affairs. "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it...All nations shall call you blessed, for ye shall be a delightsome land."

Now, for those like myself who have searched for the "something to DO" I offer the following which has been helpful. It is only an outline—to be put to use in your own way.


First, consider the way an ordinary day begins: One stirs. There is an awakening consciousness of pillow and bed—finite "things." Slowly, one thinks of window, chair, door, dog, shower, breakfast, coffee—all limited, finite things. Thought wanders to the coming events of the day: business, perhaps, or family, or special chores—again limited images, finite forms, events in time.

As you see, thought begins by moving out of quietness into the arena of people, places and things; out of an undelineated stillness into the frantic tangle of limitation, measure, action and reaction. It is as though the conscious experience were forever heading into increasing numbers; into multiplicity. We awaken in the morning and, if we follow the patterns of old, thought moves immediately where generally unpredictable reactions spawn unexpected consequences and we find ourselves the fallen victims of finiteness.

Now, reader, consider this beginning day in another light. We awaken. Again there is a consciousness of pillow and bed. And again, out of old habit we see the window to be closed, the door to be opened and think of the coffee to be started—all finite things. Ah, but this time, right here, right now, we determine to turn thought in the other direction, 180 degrees away from the rush toward finiteness. For a brief time we lie still and consciously bring ourselves to consider single Infinity, the allness of Isness. We lie still and think of the infinity that Being is. This time we ponder wholeness, singleness, completeness, oneness, harmony, perfection.

During these moments we may ask, "How infinite is Infinity? What can circumscribe Infinity? What can bind or limit infinity? How all is ALL?" We ask and answer these questions for ourselves.

We consider the oneness of Being.  How total it is!  How complete!  No limitation here.  No finiteness here.  UNBOUND Being being all.

Mayhap we ask, "What is being this consciousness that appears to be lying here and contemplating?  BEING, GOD, PERFECTION is being this awareness, isn't it?  Indeed. Therefore, PERFECTION is conscious. PERFECTION is awake. Perfection is LIFE, perfectly alive and vital!

What does infinity know of Itself? Is not the knowing of unbound Infinity unbound also? Of course. Its unbound, unlimited "knowing" is infinitely operative as this consciousness-I-am, right here, right now.

What is wisdom? Is it not Infinity's knowledge of Itself? Deity's SELF-knowledge? This conscious awareness is that knowledge in action. Consciousness, unbound, unlimited, infinite. This consciousness presently considering these things is infinite Wisdom in eternal operation.

We ask, "What does Infinity know of Itself?" It knows It's own qualities and characteristics. How? Specifically (as well as universally)—each distinctly delineated from all others, the consequent appearing of "form."

So it is, we find the morning's contemplation of Infinity soon leads us to perceive the same "things" as before—home, family, business and affairs; but now these "things" are no longer disorganized obstacles lying in wait to trip us or spring an unexpected disaster. Instead, they are the clearly delineated and discerned qualities and characteristics that Harmony, God, Isness is being—AND THIS LIFE WE ARE IS GOD'S AWARENESS OF IT ALL!

Notice, it is the same morning, the same bed, the same home. It is the same conscious awareness, the same"Identity" but the views are different.  The old view, out of pure habit and without a thought of Isness, moves immediately into a world of disorganized images primary to it. It moves relentlessly, inexorably toward multiplicity and complexity into an ever proliferating concern with a jungle through which one, if he is to survive, must tread a cautious, defensive path.

But the view that breaks the old habit and begins the day with a gentle, happy consideration of a perfect INFINITY is like the prodigals rush to his Father's Kingdom—like coming home where the basis for harmony lies; where ISNESS is put first and found to be the ordered substance of "things" and those "things" of perception seen in their proper perspective.

This is the view that comes in from the threatening storm of intellectuality and rests with the calm assurance in the shelter of Simplicity all the day long—all the day long. This is the view that sees the pitfalls for what they are and does not have to fall in them to learn their lessons. But, if we should stumble and fall, this is the view that allows us to be quickly on our way again, blessed by the experience; blessed by the experience!


Try this, reader. Try this and see what new sparkle it will begin to add to your day. Then, when you have proven it (and you can prove it this very day) tell others!

Read this book, available on Amazon:  

The Awareness of Self-Discovery  By William Samuel

Monday, February 29, 2016

Secret Revealed

Sweet Mystery - By Sandy Jones 

Gospel of Thomas
[5]. Jesus says: "Know what is before your face, 
and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you. 
For nothing hidden will fail to be revealed!"

The Secret Revealed        June 2013   By Sandy Jones

William Samuel tells us this story in his book titled “The Awareness of Self-Discovery” 

“Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much. 

And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.”


Over the years of being Mr. Samuel’s protégée and literary executor, I have been asked many times if I knew who this renowned teacher was.  I did not.  He never told anyone.

Many suspected the “Master” to whom William referred to was Sri Ramana Maharshi--and I suspected this too.  However, I let the whole thing go because after some searching for the answer, I had come up with only a very good guess.  

We do know this for a fact about Sri Ramana:

 “Sri Ramana was speaking very little and so his teachings were transmitted in an unusual fashion. Instead of giving out verbal instructions he constantly emanated a silent force or power which stilled the minds of those who were attuned to it and occasionally even gave them a direct experience of the state that he himself was perpetually immersed in. In later years he became more willing to give out verbal teachings, but even then, the silent teachings were always available to those who were able to make good use of them. Throughout his life Sri Ramana insisted that this silent flow of power represented his teachings in their most direct and concentrated form. The importance he attached to this is indicated by his frequent statements to the effectthat his verbal teachings were only given out to those who were unable to understand his silence."

Even though I felt strongly that it was Sri Ramana I still figured that William simply did not want it known and I should leave it be in respect to William’s wishes.

 That William would not tell others the name of this revered Indian Teacher fits precisely into everything I know about William Samuel.  William himself was humble and lived what he "preached".  He never wanted to be thought of as a leader with followers-- and he sincerely avoided being put on a pedestal.

  Here are some of William’s words in reference to this: 

"To whatever extent I allow Samuel to be the object of praise and veneration (instead of God-self) to that same extent I create the tangible situation which must appear to bring Samuel down in the eyes of the venerator. That is self-flagellation I can do without. It is difficult enough already for the few of us on earth who have been given the task of waging worldwide battle against the power of belief. Most tenacious among those beliefs is the insanity that one must be either a leader or a follower. Allness leads what? Singleness follows whom? The Seminal Idea discloses Identity to be nothing less than the Ineffable's very own Self-awareness!" 

William makes many statements along these lines throughout his work. So, I do believe that William felt if others knew of this connection with Ramana Maharshi and promoted the idea of a lineage this might generate the kinds of complexities and unwanted complications when students become reliant on the teachers and vice versa. That kind of situation or adulation was something William did not want or need. 

William also knew that freedom to expand his views through the ongoing experience of life, of living, would always be moving him beyond every new plateau of realization that he came to. He didn't want to be held to any previous views when (as it is for all of us) the whole universe was leading him forward.

By 1968 when William was writing and teaching these "non-dual" precepts there was an awakening en masse of Westerners who were seeking teachers such as William.  In the pursuit of deeper spiritual understanding most of these folks were very intrigued by Eastern gurus including anyone who had any connection to India and most especially Sri Ramana.  Being caught in that movement was something, I am sure, William was wanting to avoid.  

 William's way was honest and humble, he liked to keep things simple and direct and personal.  No teacher-student hierarchy for him. 

The Light of Truth is a Living, Growing, Expanding View that is available to anyone at any time.

So, it was no wonder he told no one the name of the "Master" he went to see.

In William’s own words:  "
We honor the Light that is Life, that every person is. We may very well appreciate a mirror that speaks to us with clarity and honesty--and we may consider that mirror unique among mirrors--but the authority lies with the awareness that looks into that mirror, and not the mirror."

However, very recently something happened. Something was moving within me, calling me.  

It was now 17 years after William’s passing.  William was gone from the scene.  And I was sensing a stirring in me -- I heard it say “it’s time to reveal who this renowned Master was.” 

I was pretty confident it was Sri Ramana, but I needed to be sure.  I also needed William's "Okay".  

 And so I said -- William, if you want me to share who this Master teacher was, you will have to let me know.  You will have to lead me to some one who knows the answer, or make it clear somehow.  You will have to help me, show me some evidence.  And then I will be able to share this in honesty and with integrity.

Two months after putting out my request to William I was led to the answer.  It was confirmed to be Ramana Maharshi. 

Clearly, when I found this evidence, I knew William was telling me it was time to reveal who this Master teacher was. 

 I came by this answer via some strange round-about synchronicity that unfolded on the internet.  That this page showed up was totally unexpected. Yet, here it was, as I came across this very unusual and interesting website page and started to read---And I found the answer.

From that link scroll down to "Four Special Cases" 

On his list of "Enlightened Individuals" he had met, was WILLIAM SAMUEL.

Wanderling says that In 1944 Wanderling was 10 years old and living at the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi.  Wanderling had a friend there, the same age, named Adam Osborne.  Adam was the son of Arthur Osborne (1906–1970) who was an English writer on spirituality and mysticism, and an influential disciple and biographer of Ramana Maharshi.    Adam and his mother were living at the Ashram, along with this boy who now calls himself "Wanderling"-- when, as he tells it, in April of 1944 William Samuel a 21 year old U.S. Infantry Captain came to visit Ramana Maharshi near the hill of Arunachula in India.  

The following in Wanderlings words excerpted from his website:  

 Even then I did not remember nor know I had met (William Samuel) him until I was told so by a friend. The friend was a person from my early childhood named Adam Osborn who I had lost contact with over the years but, quite by accident re-made acquaintance with years later as an adult. Osborne was basically raised at the ashram of Sri Ramana from a very young age to a teenager.  So said, he was there when I was there. After I left, years and years went by, when one day in northern California we inadvertently crossed paths.
Osborne and I kept in contact with each other on and off a little bit for a few years following that meeting until it just faded away. Interestingly enough during one of those short lived contacts, out of the blue, he brought up Giri Valam, circumambulation of the holy hill Arunachala and how it related to the two of us. Osborne's father had died in 1970 and Osborne told me that sometime prior to his father's death a man by the name of William Samuel had contacted him in the U.S. and expressed an interest in meeting his father. In their conversation Samuel told him that he and Osborne (the younger) had met at Ramana's ashram in India in 1944 and that during his stay, on the full moon of which he thought was April of that year, he, Osborne and another young boy and a few other people including his mother, circumambulated Arunachala. Osborne emphasized the younger boy aspect with me specifically because Samuel thought, Osborne guessed, that the other boy (me) was his brother --- a twin brother --- because of our age, size, body build and look-alike curly haired mop tops.
The month before, 1500 miles east across the sub-continent edging up along the Burmese border the Japanese launched a three divison invasion into India. Quickly outstretching their supply lines and hoping to replenish their local needs by overtaking British, American and Indian garrisons, etc. while their lifelines caught up, didn't happen. For the most part, three months later, met by stronger than expected Allied response and caught in the monsoons, the Japanese were forced into retreat dying of malaria and starving to death --- in the end losing over 80,000 men.
In the early stages of that invasion the aforementioned William Samuel, then a 21 year old captain in the U.S. Army and a veteran of three years fighting with the Chinese Nationalist army against the Japanese in China was apparently called over to the India side of things and somehow must have finagled some much needed R & R, ending up at the Ramana ashram for a week or so in April. Before the war ended he was long back and fully entrenched in China, again fighting along side Chinese troops retaking Ishan, Liuchow and Kweilin. Interestingly enough, ten years later, after being called back into the army for the Korean War and in the height of battle, Samuel experienced nothing less than the infinite, breaking through to full Attainment.
So, even though you might say I met William Samuel, it was years before his Awakening. It wasn't until well into my adult years that I realized a meeting even occurred (via Osborne) and, although in my travels I had heard of William Samuel, I never put together the timing of the events. Sad to say, after Osborne told me about Samuel I never got around to seeking him out. " (The Wanderling-Enlightened Individuals I Have Met)  

Well, there was my concrete answer I had asked William for. 

William, the first American visitor, was sitting in Silence for two weeks with Sri Ramana Maharshi.  William had walked around the holy hill Arunachala during the full moon in April 1944. 

 It was certain.

So, now let's read William's words again, knowing what we know now:

“Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much.
And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.”

I am delighted that I can now reveal this long held secret. 

I wrote to Wanderling, but I do not get a reply as yet.  

Searching for Adam Osborne, I found he had died in 2007.  

I want to thank “Wanderling” and Adam for being a part of this wonderful story that has unfolded for me and for us all.  Also the fact that I found Wanderlings story at all, or that he even wrote about this “out of the blue’ discussion he had about William with his friend.  And that he posted it.  And that I found it.  What a gift this is to me.  

 It is all so wonderful how the Sweet Mystery of Life continues to show us Its Blessings and Wonders in such kind and magical ways.

My heart is joyous to know that I listened and was shown by William the answer that he was ready to reveal the 'renowned teacher" he learned so much from. 

 But I must also say that without the Child that William told me to find and that I have found, without this Child that leads me, and this Child that has opened my heart and given me a "white stone and a new name" and brought me home -- none of this would have transpired so perfectly as it did.  

Much love to Wanderling for his help and mystical connection to me. I thank him for being there to give me the information I needed and for his gracious words that allowed me to learn more. Wanderling was,really, the only one who knew the secret. It's all a genuine miracle that his Light was there for me to find when things were ready to be revealed -- 

I am forever thankful for all these wonderful leadings and synchronicities that lead to me to Wanderling--  that he made all this information available to me and that I found him.  

Some long time since first writing this story, Wanderling has gotten in touch with me, but he never reveals his real name to me. He has been an angel in this whole magical scenario. I want him to know how much I love him his beautiful heart that shared exactly what I needed. 

 And thank you to William and to Ramana for conspiring to make these connections happen.  It is my joy to know you are both somewhere connecting again in the Great Eternal Light of Life, Heaven or in the Meadow-- and now both clapping their hands in childlike joy for the Wonders of God and His Grace that never cease.  

They are smiling upon this Sweet Reunion of the Child as Perfect Love in action here with me, in this tangible world. 

Love to all, Sandy 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


"Morning Sunshine" by Sandy Jones 
"Morning Sunshine"  by Sandy Jones

Following excerpts from 
"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" 
By William Samuel 


Zen Buddhism and Western “absoluteness” are equivalents. Zen brings us to negate everything but Isness Itself. So does the absolute view.

The second position, the “is not a mountain” aspect of development, as it is lived in the world, is represented in the illustration of Da Shan by the town of Metadelphia and its extreme neighbor, nearby Absoluty. In Absoluty, even the houses have walls that reach the clouds, negating everything pertaining to the senses and allowing no light to break through the non-thought of thought, or thought about non-thought—the “way of negation.” Only Is is, quite beyond the evidence of the senses. No explanation is given in Metadelphia as to why “is-nots”—sin, sickness, and death—continue to seem despite the rigors of absoluteness. One may hear the philosopher say, “I don't have to explain an illusion.”

Just beyond the walls of Metadelphia is the meadow of simplicity. With the help of the Child within, we climb Metadelphia's wall, or pass through it, when we surrender the weight of the egotistical intellectualism performed in the name of a non-existent ego. Beyond the wall one comes consciously to the Child of himself, skipping freely, joyfully, bounding from flower to flower, high place to high place, living the Equation's Balance all the way to the peak of realization—or non-realization, as the Taoist might say. There one learns why Is appears to include “is-not,” and what to do about it. The Child allows us to move on to the third position—the mountain again. This time we see the new heaven and earth. The old views are understood and no longer have the power over us they had before.


How we feel about things influences what we see in the world, no question of that. Envy, jealousy, anger, hatred,  greed, lust, fear, insecurity and “love” are some of the occluding states of mind. Who can see the garden's morning blossom when he is frightened for his life? Who can enjoy a birdsong when he's angry?

Well now. We aren't so quick to recognize what these states of mind do to us. There are countless other occluding mental states as well. The engineer's bent for orderliness; the religionist's and metaphysician's predilection for study; the psychic's concern with things psychic; the scientist's examination of cause and effect, all tend to overlook the uncaused and mysterious. They overlook the obvious. The metaphysician's search for meaning behind words overlooks the reasons for the words themselves. The religionist's concern for his organization holds him to that sense of things—which might be out on the edge of things. The organizational metaphysician's loyalty to his group prevents his discovery of balance—if the group isn't the center of things. 

Human science has discovered evidence of a fifth “force” in nature, but to this point makes little connection between the perception of those forces and the human condition itself. Religious subjectivists generally ignore the connection, trying mightily to deny dualism, still unaware of the good reason for its appearance in the scheme of things. He calls half of himself unreal, pretending to ignore tangibility rather than understand it. Human science very nearly touches the limits of microcosm and macrocosm but fails to connect its findings to life itself, unaware that scientific search is an examination of living Consciousness. 

This is the general rule I'm writing here, and there are certainly many individual exceptions to it. Whoever finds the Child of himself becomes an immediate exception. The Child is the Guide, unafraid to move on with his seeking and finding. The Child looks both ways, so to speak, and sees the principles of the objective studies as clearly as those of the subjective. The Child takes us back to the beginnings of the scheme of Life, through the reasons for theology, onward to the reasons for (and examination of) subjective thinking, still onward to a lived, experienced balance for ourselves in the world—thence to confirmation. Confirmation is the provable “link” between tangibility and Ineffability. Much of that link lies beyond the limits of sense, but not beyond the Heart-Child within us. The Child brings us to the victorious end of the human struggle for wealth, health, dominion and power.

The Child leads us straight to Itself. The Child is the Self of us, the soul. The Child is Life itself. The Child is identity made in the image of God. The Child is precisely what the avatars discovered, marveled at and identified AS—none more beautifully than the historic Jesus. 


Natural human arrogance has us believe we are coming to understand God. Actually, we are coming to comprehend the pure, perfect, unfallen Image of God. That much understood is a quantum move in the right direction. God understands God. Life is destined to understand Life—and is subservient to God.

Religionists understand words like these, but old in-line scientist and metaphysicians struggle with them. Life is God, some of them say. Well of course, but God is more and that lies beyond the limits of thinking. Thinker, thinking and thought are one, but thinking and thought are subservient to Thinker. By analogy, the television set and its functioning are one television set, but the functioning is within the set—and so is the picture, subservient to the Whole.

by William Samuel  Available on Amazon 

The Awareness of Self Discovery   by William Samuel 

2+2=Reality  by William Samuel 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Grandest Gift of All

"stars" by Sandy Jones 

WOODSONG NOTES    By William Samuel


Words are waiting to be strung in a new order, a new rhythm, a new sequence never written exactly this way before.  Something soft and wonderful sings in the heart of us.  Something NEW and inwardly different is happening this season.

Read the words that follow and listen to them softly. Something marvelous will happen for you.  Why not?

This is the season of It.  Everyone wants to know about It, but only It can tell of It.  It is the authority.  Everyone wants It and has been searching for It but we all overshoot the mark until we are ready to appreciate It.  At first, we didn’t know It when we had it.  We still have It and don’t know it—because, to the undisciplined intellect, that limiting and arrogant half of us, It doesn’t seem big enough or good enough.  It doesn’t fulfill the lofty intellect’s expectations.  Oh, but It is it anyway.

Something happens and It walks onto the tangible Stage.  It is a Wonder.  It has been called many things, but names only disguise It.  What is this Something that happens?  We’ve all had intimations of It.  We were born with It.  We’ve everyone experienced It somewhere along the line.  We may not have recognized It when It happened, but in retrospect, we remember the exhilaration and the softness.  We remember It.  It shaped our lives whether we were conscious of it or not.  It came when we were children, perhaps reading or listening to stories. We have been searching for It again, ever since.  It happened at our mother’s side as she worked in the garden, and we still find comfort in gardens.  It happened in the mountains, and the mountains forever hold us in their arms.  It happened while we frolicked with playful animals and we love animals to this day.  This marvelous experience of It, early in our lives, has us searching for It again, the rest of our days.

When IT happened, the Child of us was alive and well.  The Child within us was lively, nimble and alert, clapping hands and laughing.  Now, here we are, reaching out for that Same One IT again.

What is It?  Listen, listen: It is a tiny moment of sweet inner lightness and delight.  It is a moment of relief from the world’s heaviness.  It is an instant of recognition and weightless surveillance of the scene.  It is a flawless moment that lets us say, “Hey, this is a fine minute!  I feel all right!  I feel good!  I feel joy!  Everything is all right!”  That’s It.  That goodness and lightness is IT!  That’s what It is.  Unfortunately, It’s no big event to the intellect of us, yet its recognition and acknowledgment is the most brimming inner understanding anyone will ever acquire—and the heart of us knows this is so.  It’s the grandest thing one can imagine, because, in the midst of It, suddenly everything IS all right—including the universe and all therein, including our own most personal experiences and our interface with everyone.  That’s all right too.

The Marvel of Marvels begins as a tiny, mustard-seed of sweet, innocent peace.  The conscious perception of this is the Big Bang of the Future, awaiting the world.  When we recognize It, and acknowledge It, It grows and grows.  It comes back again, large, and more apparent.  It returns, again and again, at other unexpected moments, still larger—until it grows into the Tree of Paradise wherein the angels play.

We have all needed someone in our personal life who recognizes It and says, “That’s it!  This is IT!”  The It I write about is the purpose of all the human disciplines.  It is the objective of the philosophies, all the religions and secret societies intended to bring us to Light.  When they are successful, they bring us to this tiny moment wherein we finally recognize It for what it is—peace, simple peace.

The inner delight we feel, even as we read this, is It.  Here It is!  Right here as the awareness reading these words.  It hasn’t gone away, you see.  It never left us nor forsook us.  We are It.  It is us.  It is me and thee and everyone.  And, It is still right here, a tiny moment of peace in the world, ready to explode into the New World and make all things new.

Now, Woodsong friends, we can stop overshooting the mark.  The mark has always been a simple peace within, a feeling of quietness, a moment of lucid light wherein we finally stop missing It and say aloud, in exultation, “This is it!  This is really It, this moment of peace.  Everything right now is all right.  No bill collectors now.  No sons and daughters fussing now.  No one giving us the devil right now; no on berating us; nothing intruding on this holy moment.  No guilt right now.”

Ah so, when visitors came to Woodsong looking for the mystical conclusion of a lifetime of searching, they found It, right here as themselves.  Here It is.  If I could write It, I’d give It to the world for an eternal Gift.  But It can’t be given.  It can’t be taken.  It just is.  It is the Pearl of great price.  It is all that is real.  It’s here available and acceptable to everyone equally.  When we are ready, finally ready to appreciate and acknowledge It, we let go a little, we realize a little, and in a moment of giving up, in a moment of surrender of old ideas, in a moment of letting go some of the silly preconceived notions about What It is and where It is, here It is, pouring in on us and out of us with infinite blessings!

Was It here all the while?  Yes, yes.  Why didn’t we see It?  What matter!  It is here now!  What a wonder It is, so close, so present, yet, unseen, unaccepted, but looked for and longed for, available in the twinkling of an eye, by letting go a moment, and acknowledging It with childlike gratitude.  It is a realizing, a soft and gentle look around the scene.  It is a smile and a sigh of relief.  It comes with healing and Peace on Its wings.  Not a peace the world understands, but we understand because we feel it.  We know it.  We acknowledge it.  We clap hands in a moment of freedom and thanksgiving—and Something synergistic happens.

Hey, you didn’t know It was this simple did you?  Here It is.  The heart of us already knows the truth in these words.  The heart inside feels something stirring.  That stirring is IT!

You thought it was religious?  You thought it was metaphysical?  You thought it came with a knowledge of all wisdom?  You thought everything would change and be healed?  You thought it would be something else, but It is more likely what we don’t expect.  It is always MORE THAN WE COULD HAVE IMAGINED!  Intellectual expectations are good, but clinging to a personal idea of it caused us to miss the mark.  We wanted the blinding Road to Damascus experience.  Now, we are ready!

It is a the joy of all-rightness.  It is the recognition that Life is Good and that Good is God.  That God is good and that good is everywhere, whether we stop to see it or not.  It is hidden in simplicity and clothed in childlikeness. It isn’t recognized by the pompous and mighty.  It isn’t seen by worldly merchants, the greedy, the envious, the rich, famous or powerful.  It is seen by the child-heart of us—the heart that has had enough of the distorted world and is ready for better things.  It is seen by the simple, the meek and mild-mannered.  It is seen by the troubled because they are ready to put their troubles down.  It is seen by any and all who are willing to admit Its presence, Its simplicity and nearness.  It is with us right now, only awaiting our acknowledgment.  If we bring It forth, we live.
                                            Joyful Living!
                                                                                 William Samuel
                                                                    Woodsong on the Hill December 1988

Jesus observed:  “Heaven is even now spread over the whole face of the earth but men perceive it not.”

There IS an incredible beauty and perfection “spread over” the whole face of everything—an astonishing beauty BEING ever “thing”—over all that’s seen, all that’s heard, all that’s thought.  Yet, nearly as incredible, this monumental Beauty is virtually unseen, barely recognized, seldom acknowledged.

Oh, but it is here!  It is here this moment, awaiting the merest acceptance, awaiting the shedding of intellectual skepticism, awaiting acknowledgement without condition—without intellectual thought about how it is SUPPOSED  to appear.