Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Line Upon Line


"Sparkles"  By Sandy Jones   Art Work 


  Thank you for the call, dear friend, Zeke.

  Jeremiah spoke of the Mystery as arriving “Line upon line,” a reference to the last letter of the old Hebrew alphabet, which came to be believed to have special power. He added “precept upon precept.” It has come that way for me, Zeke. I do not believe it comes to anyone otherwise. There may be “road to Damascus” enlightenments, but those events are not UNDERSTOOD or CONFIRMED quickly. Understanding comes “precept upon precept.” Yours will come more quickly now because you are willing to get the veil out of the way—and to Do what you will be given to do. 

  Listen carefully: Get yourself a notebook and begin a journal. There is a “flow” from the Ineffable Beyond Name into our 

conscious/unconscious awareness, and from there into tangibility. We move into that flow as we clothe our Glimpse with words. That flow is continual, constant, ever-flowing—from non-Movement into tangibility and the world's movement.

  The purpose of the journal is to consciously become the very point where the Ineffable becomes tangible in the world, that is, to unblock the Flow and allow it to move through our CONSCIOUS awareness again—just as it did when we were children. 

  This is not a religious approach, Zeke, because because the flow of Glimpses from Godhead pertains to EVERYTHING good, true and wonderful. Beauty, wonder, form, color, tenderness, the fragrances of flowers, the beauty of children and mountains and June bugs, excitement, enthusiasm, FEELINGS of love and awe, and especially memories of the grand events of our lives are all part of the Flow.

  Mark a section of your journal “GLIMPSES” and begin making a list of the notable Glimpses you have had in your life.

  Glimpses of what? Nothing complex here. Just THINK BACK and remember the joyful, moving, significant moments. When you first fell in love. When you got your first bicycle. Any of the special, meaningful events you remember. LIST them. It isn't necessary to write in detail about them. At this time, just LIST THEM. Such as (some of mine):
  1. Military school and homesickness.
  2. The little girl, Barbara.
  3. The picnic and the cow's soulful eyes.
  4. The man screaming in the church.
  5. Walking to meet Mom in the evening.

  Go back to your childhood, Zeke, and recall all the events that stick in your mind for ANY reason, painful or otherwise, because their sticking in memory is evidence they taught you something. You may omit the most painful ones if you like, but be certain to list the GOOD ones. What they taught isn't important right now. You are just making a list of the powerful MOMENTS in your earlier days.

  At the moment, it seems I'm asking you to recall memories, and in a way, I am, but we'll call them GLIMPSES later, as you will see. This is a meaningful exercise, Zeke. Just do it. Pay particular attention to the sensations, feelings, moods and memories that come, AND KNOW THIS: As those things “come into consciousness,” Something very healing to the BODY is coming with them. 

  Will you do this, Zeke? Set up a specific time, early in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening, each day. Not long. You set the time. Ten or fifteen minutes MINIMUM. Some days, when the Flow is really coming, STAY WITH IT. In a year or two (for you, how about a month or two?) you will be surprised and delighted to find that the Flow is CONSTANT and that you can actually do what the prophet said: “Whatsoever things are good and true .... think on these things.”

  You have just begun. I assure you, that Child LIVES, Zeke. Everything you felt as a kid, you can and WILL feel again! “Prove me now, herewith...!” the Child within will lead you to all things else. Then, you will have the opportunity to do the same for many others, even as now I do for you. 

  Hang in there, man. We have a lot to do for our world!

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"   By William Samuel 

Available on Amazon 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Child's Interface


  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than the following: In all existence, there is a “flow” involved. Be gentle with yourself and remember the flow of old. What was it? When we were children we interfaced with God and the world freely. Our imagination flowed without restraint into the world of people, places and things. By the same token, the world of people and things flowed freely into the child. We saw a frog (outside) and, presto, the imagination was off and running. Or, we thought of kings and queens (inside), and immediately the people walking up the street (outside) became part of the royal court (BOTH sides). 

Adulthood has woven a veil that hangs between the Child-heart and the world. The world outside has become the adult's reality, bound in time. The free-flowing exchange from inside to outside, outside to inside, has been interrupted and insulated by the unconscionable bastard we insist on being in linear time.

  Just as a stopped-up kitchen sink needs to flow again, it is necessary for us to regain to flow—outside/inside, inside/outside—moving freely again. Examining one's own thoughts is the necessary first step—and make no mistake, it is necessary. The Child thinks differently than the old man, as you are feeling already while the Child comes alive in your experience. Of course, writing is not the only way to examine one's thoughts (and thinking), but it is the most immediate way to do it by oneself.

  In human history, the “breakthroughs” to greater dimensions have inevitably occurred with writing playing a major part in the process—from the ancient forest wanderers to these final days of this civilizations, as physicists sit pondering their equations. The historic Jesus may have written only in the sand, but who can dispute he caused much to be written? So, we do this writing for ourself alone—without an intermediary between ourself and God. Who stands between the thinking and the thought but our Self? In the end, all the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our OWN experienced interface with Reality—inside and outside.

  The instant a word of our own is written on the paper before us, our tangible scene has been altered—moved toward darkness or light, for better or worse, by that written (and spoken) word. If we keep the flow passing between the heart and the fingers that touch the world, the old bastard's barrier becomes less opaque and our experience in the world starts improving. As the Child of us shows us our birthright atop Da Shan (and we're quickly on our way the moment we take pen in hand), the climbing adult diminishes, the Child increases in consciousness, more and more—until, atop the mighty mountain of Kwangse, naught remains but the True Identity, the Child I am. 

  Despite all you have heard elsewhere, there is no way “There” short of finding and living the Child that IS there and everywhere. There are no shortcuts. No church can take us there. No doctrine can do it for us. We may lay metaphysical claim to our heritage until the jade eggs of Da Shan hatch, but we don't receive that heritage until we BECOME the Child in conscious, living action. 

Intellectualism has its place, but it doesn't take us home. The Child's conscious “return” to the peak of the mountain is accomplished in living fact before one gets off the temporal world's wheel of trials, tribulations, beginnings and endings, time and rebirth.

Excerpt from  "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"   By William Samuel 

Available on Amazon

Woodsong Journals     Living the Child's Unbound Heart -- by Sandy Jones  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Old Han, Master of Kwangse Province


From the soldier's notebook:

  The teacher was in a mystical mood the day the important metaphysician arrived. I recorded the words carefully and write them here.

Han said:

  “There is a Flame within us. It burns bright at times and we feel it mightily. When it burns we are warmed through and through. 

  “There is a Child within us. When it stirs we are brought alive. 

  “There is a bright Light within. It comes ever closer as we get closer to the Child, bringing a power with it that makes everything new. 

  “Between the Flame and the Child and the very bright Light, nothing else is so real. The world falls away from them—line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. 

  “I marvel at the Wonderful Plan that made me out of these three. We stand as a solitary, these two and I. I am become the Child and I reign as witness over my subjective view of things. I am given Dominion here. 

“Now hear this, all my old friends of Kwangse Province, all that is true for me is true for you. The Child within us proves it True.”

 A loud voice came from the court yard. It was the important priest and metaphysician. 

“Oh yes, Master Han,” he shouted so everyone could hear, “That sounds marvelously mystical and inspiring, but if it is true, why do you sit there eating porridge, looking more feeble than anyone? You don't look like one who has learned the Mystery of Life to me. You don't look like a teacher of Truth is supposed to look.”

 Han finished the last spoon of porridge, stretched himself on the cot and emitted an enormous belch. “The holy man you are looking for is inside you, my friend. The honest teacher tells you that.” Soon Han was sleeping. The stranger left quickly to find another teacher.

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
By William Samuel 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Child and the Child's Equation


The Child and the Child's Equation 


We have noted that the two aspects of giving are like the seed giving its roots to the earth (Caesar) and its limbs to the air (Spirit). What is the equivalent in one's human experience? Giving to the earth is giving a part of one's tangible substance to someone who needs it. As certainly as a seed must give part of its actual inner substance to the earth—literally and actually—so the victorious man must give some of his worldly substance. The man who gives little or nothing to the earth is certain to receive little or nothing from the earth and must resort to taking what he needs from others.


The question now becomes: How does one give to God what is God's? There needs to be no doubt or argument about how one is to do this. We do it exactly as the Christ Light lived and taught. “To Caesar and to God.” Ministers give the spiritual bread of life to the congregation. The metaphysician who talks to his or her friends about the wonders of Truth in his personal affairs is doing the same—in different words and in a different context, but these two actions, the minister's and the metaphysician's, are the same.

Such giving is precisely what Jesus meant. He lived this activity with a ministry everyone is familiar with. Then, that Light of Life told those who could hear this voice to go and do as he had done: to tell the Story and “heal the sick.”
The objectivist churchman gives freely of his tangible wealth, but often he doesn't give so freely of his own inner glimmers. In the world there is a great reluctance to talk about things so personal and meaningful. If there is talk at all, it is usually expressed in the words of some respected spiritual authority or quoted as scripture until one becomes little more than a walking anthology for the words of other people. This is hardly being a spokesman for one's own gift of Light. One's own Light is left unwritten, unstated and sadly unreflected. As a matter of fact, the churchman often has little he can say about the “sweet glimmering joys of the inner Gift” because those sparks come primarily from giving them.

The orthodox schools are more likely to make moral, psychological and ethical gift-statements to others or statements from scriptures that support an organizational view of salvation. These statements, from object to object about objective experiences, are the first step. Ah, but when the subjective idea dawns and we realize that the world lives within the Awareness that sees it, our gift to the world become quantum in their power. It may appear we are giving to one needy man or woman, but we are giving subjectively to the universe of Man.

On the other hand, having heard of Oneness and having experienced some intimation of the power of subjectivism and his affairs, the student of Truth is more likely to give that aspect of Truth to his acquaintances; but Glimpses do not continue to come from that activity either, unless one is giving his substance to the world as well—and here we have the strange blind bind of Metadelphia and its extreme position in Absoluty.

Nothing in metaphysical literature to this point in time tells of the Child or the Child's Equation. The whole wonder of “giving” becomes most remarkable when one does both kinds of giving and receiving. A divine synergism develops, as one quickly finds when he puts this double-barrelled action to the test.


This is a difficult concept for students of the Truth, especially those who are hanging tightly to the absolute position that decries the reality of matter in all of its appearances. The metaphysician within myself was certain the charities for human ailments and disasters headed the list of illusions that weren't happening and shouldn't be supported.

The absolute position insists that broken hearts and cancer are not real and do not exist. The paradox is, they don't actually, but that is not the point here. They seem to exist and we are all dealing with the seeming, however absolute and isolated we think we've become. The consciousness of need appears in the same “seeming” world the metaphysician denies and ignores. Wherever one has been able to move beyond this peculiar-to-metaphysics barrier sufficiently to get up, get out and give to a charity or needy family anyway, that one begins to receive in ways he never thought possible!

Still, that much giving is only the first part of it. There remains the other part—and even that is only a bit of the Equation.

I liken the second kind of giving to the seed's inexplicable gift to the sunlight. It shoots a tiny stem up into sheer nothingness—and when it does, the entire universe gives back to the seed. Even so for the seeker when he finishes the transaction. And gives to God what is God's. In this arena, the objective view of things surrenders before the least Glimpse of subjectivism. 

Nothing is more basic than the following “spiritual” truth. Giving the spiritual truth is the door-opener to Light, just as giving one's substance is the door-opener to worldly riches. I do not believe one receives the real glimmers of Truth until that one has given of his storehouse to others—and, most certainly, he doesn't continue to receive them unless he does.


These exchanges must be made in actual fact, not merely thought about and considered and judgmentally debated as to their merits. The gift goes “out” from our tangible bodily hand into the hand of someone else “out there,” in Caesar's world. And our own words of stories and events when the Light of Life has done something in our affairs is spoken out of our present body and listened to by someone at hand to receive the essences, the spiritual light, which, essentially, is giving God what is God's! The interface with Light/light is not complete until this is done in actual fact. Oh, but when we have done it, we feel it and know it is right!

The “gift to God” is most quickly accomplished with words to men, written or spoken. But both gifts are made and both exchanges are completed right here by oneself, out of his own wealth (external) and his own Glimpse, himself (internal).

Excerpt From "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphyscis" 

By William Samuel       Available on Amazon

More About The Interface


  The Divine Interface with the external world, the linear world of time and space, requires clear, understandable and honest words from the internal Child-heart of us to the external Child-heart of us! This interface is the “rest of the transaction” and constitutes a great portion of what is meant by “Give to God that which is God's,” a major part of the Equation of Life. The Equation, remember, is the Child's way to live in this apparent world, and is something that metaphysics hasn't had much to say about, concerned as it is with the way to think.

  I know a lady who has seen much Light, but has withdrawn from the world into metaphysical or mystical seclusion. She is terribly depressed, wondering what has happened to the Truth that meant so much to her in earlier years. She has struggled for the Truth so earnestly. The lady's friends have tried to prevail on her to tell others of her insights, but she is deeply engrossed in a listening attitude, searching the heart of herself for new ideas and more light—nothing comes as it did before and she wonders why.

  The glimpses the lady has been blessed to receive stop right at the edge of tangibility and go no further. Her Light is ready to break out onto the tangible world scene like an electric idea, but her silence is deadening. Now she wonders why her experience is going as it is, filled with anxiety, stress and depression. She writes to me, “How can this be? Is this justice? I have devoted my entire life to the study of Truth, and for all appearance and feelings in me, it is as if the Truth were dead.”

  Our transaction in the tangible world isn't finished until we have given our Glimpses to the subjective world in our hands. These Glimpses are the “talent” that must not be left buried but put to work in the world of images upon images, “lest the little we have is taken from us.” This is a large part of the simple and wonderful Equation. What was the parable of the talents if not a statement that the Light is to be put to work in the world?


  Certainly it is marvelous to sit back and bask in the Light; often it seems an interruption to complete the transaction by taking the time to tell of it to an acquaintance or a new friend. 

Furthermore, articulating the Truth isn't always easy. We quickly learn that even the best statement is not the Truth itself. But listen: words are our primary interface with “people.” This is why our spiritual development isn't finished in “time” until we pass along the Light that has already come to us—which is to tell others of our own hard-earned insights in honest, simple terms. Isn't this what was originally meant by “taking the gospel to all the world”?

If we are to see our world come to perceive the Truth, we commence jotting our insights onto the backs of envelopes until we are able to put them into a simple, helpful comment that can be understood by others. We are not finished with the bits and glimmers of Light until we've done this. We “tell,” clearly and simply—even if with no more than a clap of the hands in gladness or a smile to a stranger. Then we are able to “look out” and see the response in the external world, and the world is blessed. That response is often the very demonstration of God's love the seeker is looking for.

Excerpt From "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"   By William Samuel 

Available on Amazon

Increasing The Flow of Light


  Dear lady with the bright eyes,

  I give you this parting gift “such as I have.” It is about Glimpses and Glimmers. They are tiny seeds.

You have decided to begin a simple journal and examine your inmost thoughts. Grand! Right in the front of your notebook, mark a section for GLIMPSES. The words you write there will become very special as you will see.

  Sit still for a time and think back in your life to recall a special moment. Record what you can of it—when that special moment happened; where; whatever is remembered and, if you can, what you learned. For some of us, only a time or two from a lifetime may come to mind. I don't remember much about the Glimpses from my early youth. But if we can remember ONE instance in our life, that is enough to begin discovering the Secret of Secrets. That Glimpse is a seed which will still germinate just as did the ancient seed found in the tombs of the Egyptians and Romans.

  When we write about our Glimpses of Light, we are preparing ourselves for ANOTHER glimpse. If we want another, we write and tell of those we've had. There is no better way to get them, no magic study that will continue to bring them forever; no book will produce another half so well as the telling of those we've already had. Listen carefully: We TELL the old ones; we receive NEW ones.

  The journal entry—even if only a single word that reminds us of that long ago Glimpse—does something wonderful and mysterious, indeed. It prepares the way for someone to enter our experience, someone to whom we can tell that Glimpse! Don't ask me why. I only know it DOES—magically. You can see for yourself as quickly as you try it. I don't know the psychological and metaphysical factors involved, but I know our experience is SUBJECTIVE, and when I write my Glimpse, I (1) prepare the way for someone to come into this tangible experience to hear it, and (2) when I tell it, I get more Glimpses. 

  Jesus said that the man old in years will not hesitate to ask a child of seven days about his place in heaven. When we find the Child within, we begin receiving Glimpses again, and slowly, line upon line, we ourselves become that “Child of seven days” to whom our entire subjective world will one day turn. Those Glimpses we've had, prove to us that we are the Child of God. The man we tell them to is our own subjective selfhood-in-time. When we share the Glimpse we have come to understand and confirm, we have done a portion of what we are on the green earth to do—to proclaim the REAL, the GOOD and the TRUE. This is what completing the interface is all about.

  Loretta, when the Glimpse comes, it comes with healing on its wings! It is the medicine we need most, the elixir of youth. It comes with the strength and power of an eagle to lift us and carry us aloft on wings of fire. It comes with REAL power that heals the sick and binds up the broken hearted—not just for ourselves and those we know, but for all to whom we give it. But we must GIVE it, Loretta; we must COMPLETE THE INTERFACE. You know how seldom I use that word “must,” but we must follow through with the transaction and clap our hands in the cathedral. If we don't, then the little we've been given is taken from us, exactly as Jesus and the prophets said. 

  Well, little lady who gave Rachel and me a port in the storm, here is the explanation of what I did that worked for me. These words are the instruction that finally arrives in our experience to be seen and understood when we are ready—saying exactly what we and EVERYONE can do. They are words that have come from the fire of life and living—refined, tested and proven. Anyone can put these words to the TEST and see for himself whether or not Samuel is writing nonsense. No one will know until he has tried them and tested them, will he? Try me, Loretta find me out. “Prove me now herewith!”

  I look at our Harry and know it isn't too late, even for him lying there in that hospital, tied to tubes and bags. He lies there telling others of his Light! 

  His children listen and are amazed. They think he is passing along his wisdom to educate them, to help them, but Harry is doing that for HIMSELF because, with the telling, comes more Light to be seen and shared. The Glimpses bring SPIRITUAL TREASURE and “another world” where time isn't what it seems to be. It is the “more to see” that brings healing and health, well-being, spiritual riches and all the things that are TAKEN WITH US when we finally understand and let go temporality in this human condition.

  I don't know the end of this matter; Lady Loretta of the bright eyes, but what sings in my heart, day after day, is that these GLIMPSES are the spiritual treasure we take Wherever we “go.” They are all that's really real of this tangible experience in time. They are the “treasure laid up in (timeless) Heaven.”

  Why and how do I believe this so? Because, from Glimmer to Glimmer no time intervenes. In the midst of Light there is no passage of time from one glimpse to the next. All the human events between are forgotten—dream stuff that slips away. My Harry is learning how REAL the Glimpses of Truth and how insubstantial the rest of the human experience except to confirm the Nature of Deity.

  Even as I was writing this, two calls came from the few who know Rachel and I are here. They told of WONDERS and EXCITEMENT in their experience as the consequence of the last NOTES. Those notes were Me “telling my Glimpses” to me. The calls were the responses coming back as more Light and Life. The tangible calls came because the tangible effort was made to give the Glimpse. This is part of the Equation. We make no effort, we get no response.

  So, right here at this sweet little cottage, you've seen these ideas lived and practiced. You've watched them produce MORE Light that has enlivened everyone.

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
Available on Amazon

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Presence of Perfection

Excerpt From 2+2=Reality    By William Samuel 

The arithmetic illustration is a means by which one is able to comprehend the continuing PRSENCE OF PERFECTION everywhere.

     Consider a few more interesting parallels. Two plus two is four; this is a simple fact of arithmetic. Two plus two is four—not five, not three, not four and one-tenth, not three and ninety-nine one-hundredths. Two plus two is four and nothing else. The perfect fact exists. The principle proclaims only the correct statement that two plus two equals four. Any other answer, no matter how close, is not the correct answer nor is it contained within the principle and has no existence at all so far as this perfect principle is concerned.

     Now can anyone doubt the accuracy of the principle? The schoolboy who finds a mistake on his school paper knows the mistake is not in the principle itself. He does not blame arithmetic for the error. The error exists outside the principle; yet the principle, when understood as it is, serves to correct the mis-worked problem. It is because principle exists as an immutably perfect fact that one is able to enjoy the facts it embodies.

     Exactly so, Reality is what Reality is, absolute Truth. It is perfect, harmonious Fact in which there is nothing “that worketh or maketh a lie.” The schoolboy does not blame arithmetic for the errors on his paper, nor does the pianist blame Beethoven if she errs at the piano. So why blame God, the perfect Principle of Being, for the untoward events of life?

     Consider Eternity in the light of arithmetic. When did the principle of arithmetic begin? Ponder this a moment and you will see clearly that it had no beginning at all. It has always existed as itself. It is as eternal as existence. And when will it end? What can happen to alter or destroy the principle of arithmetic? Does it get sick? Can it be maimed or crippled? Can it be killed in a war? Can an atom bomb destroy it? If this entire planet were blown to dust by hydrogen weapons, would the principle of arithmetic be affected at all? No. It would still exist untouched and perfect as ever. Two plus two would still be four. It would not be bent in the least.

     In exactly this way the Principle of all existence (called God) is eternal, without beginning and without end, indestructible and continuous in being, no matter what the tortured meanderings of human activity. And since the principle continues, so continues all that principle is. As long as there is a principle of arithmetic, addition, subtraction and everything else arithmetic is, continues.

     Well, God (Divine Principle, Reality) continues also; hence, all that God is continues. God, the substance and essence of all that is, remains perfect, unabated and untouched—everywhere present, nowhere absent.

     Arithmetic is perfect, single, completeness. It is shown forth, made tangible or apparent, by the various signs and symbols of arithmetic.

     Consider numbers for a minute. They exist because the principle of arithmetic exists. If there were no principle there would be no numbers. Because the principle is infinite, there is an infinity of numbers. We might say that numbers “live and move and have their being” in the principle of arithmetic because the principle is. The numbers are as eternal and immaterial, as indestructible and perfect as the principle. They are because principle is and for no other reason. So long as there is a principle, there will be the perfect signs and symbols that manifest it.

  Even though there is an infinity of numbers, each of them is separate and distinct from the others. 3 is 3 and not 4. 4 is 4, distinctly individual and separate from 5. Yet the numbers in and of themselves are nothing. The value is the principle itself. The importance is principle itself. The primordial substance is principle, and the numbers are principle manifest as numbers. In or of themselves, numbers are just numbers being principle's self-evidence.

     No number can exist outside the perfect principle. No number has a mind or will of its own to do what it chooses. No single number or group of them can be anything other than exactly what they are, which is Principle manifest as that particular aspect of principle. There is no life, truth, intelligence and substance in the numeral itself. The principle is all the life, truth, intelligence and substance there is. The numerals are what they are already, without having to do anything to get that way... without having to worry about sustenance and supply, food or money to stay that way. There is no separation at all between principle and numbers. It is all principle being itself.

     Well, so what? How does this illustration relate practically to this daily experience? “What good does all this business do me?” you ask.

     All the people, places and things one sees, including the body called mine, me, Bill, or Anne, are all, like numbers, being what they are (actually) because a principle of Reality exists—call it a Principle of Existence, Being, Consciousness, God or whatever you like. The name is not important, but the fact of Being is.

     It is not possible to deny that Being is. The mere fact that one is aware of existing is obvious proof that something exists; so, if something, anything, exists, then there is Existence—there is Being—there is the fact of Being. Since there is something being, there is reality concerning what is being. It is this Reality, this Principle of Being that is called God.

     Reality is God. God is what is. God is the Principle of all being. Now, (note the following carefully, for it is the very heart of this presentation) awareness is being aware of these words, hence awareness is being. Just as God is the principle of all being, even so God is the principle of this very awareness aware of these words, right here, right now—this very awareness called Bill, Rachel, John or Betty. 

     Consider Awareness at this very instant. This same Awareness that reads these words may also look about and see a table or a chair, a bouquet there, or a little boy. If might look across the way and see a tree, a mountain, a star or a galaxy. Indeed, this Awareness, right here, right now, just might look up and see the Universe! Now I ask you, have you ever been separate from this Awareness? No indeed. Everything you see, have ever seen or ever will see comes as this very Awareness that sees these words. Is this not so? Why, this Awareness is life itself. When one says, “I am alive,” does he not mean, “I am aware”?

     Reader, do you see that you live forever alone with this Awareness? Have you ever been outside this Awareness? Every sight you have ever seen, every sound you have ever heard, every touch, every fragrance, every thought has always come to you as this awareness that is aware here and now. You have never seen a sight but your own sight which Awareness indicates is a book or a boy or a little blue flower. You have never heard a sound but your very own Awareness—and (listen carefully) you alone have decided for yourself whether you liked it or did not like it, whether it was good or evil. Indeed, you have never judged a thing 'out there' at all. You have been sitting in judgment of this total, all-inclusive alone and only Awareness which is your life itself.

   No, you have never been outside Awareness at all. The book, the bouquet, the tree, the soaring swallow are within this Awareness, not outside it. Just as the principle of arithmetic is the power, importance, and substance of all the numbers, exactly so this very awareness is the common denominator, the substance of all it perceives.

     The day will soon come when this Fact of Being smites all mankind with its beauty and truth. The perception of this single, simple Truth leaves one never again at the mercy of 'external' things. The objects of perception are seen and clearly understood to live and move and have their being, not as a power or importance of themselves—not as something out there—but as PRINCIPLE, REALITY, LIFE, BEING, GOD ITSELF manifest as what is seen. This recognition gives the glory to God where it rightfully belongs.

     The oneness and allness of God is self-evidently the fact of this Awareness which has forever been alone and All to everyone. Yes, the key is the singleness and all-inclusiveness of this very Awareness. This Awareness of existence, that is right here, right now, is divine! It is God's Awareness, not 'mine'. 

2+2=Reality by William Samuel -- Book available on Amazon

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