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Light Is Information

"Sparkles" By Sandy Jones 

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel 

Light Is Information 

Most of the information about the distant universe has come to us via the light of the stars—at least, until recently. Most of our information about the stars comes from those little pin points of light we see at night when we look up. Some of those points of light have taken thousands of millions of years in time to travel the tangible miles of space to get here; hence the light that impacts the eyeball at night is accumulated or compacted “time” as well as information. 

Notice also that we have to look to the earth to confirm whatever we have learned from our observations of the stars. For instance, we see a planet turning on its axis: the earth confirms that information by a similar action here. Or, we see that certain elements are present in the spectrum of thus and such a star and find those elements corresponding to elements on earth, which we can examine and measure. This is confirmation of information, so to speak. We perceive information (light) in the heavens and put that information to the test on earth and confirm it. Until we have made such linkage (confirmation) of our esoteric information, we keep it in the area of theory, rather than fact. When the linkage is found, it is not longer theory, but a provable fact.

Science hasn't discovered the close relationship between the universe-out-there and the body-here; not yet. Quantum mechanics moves them close. When science perceives the supremacy of subjective thought, there will no longer be a gap between pure science and philosophy, religion, psychology and life (awareness). It is said by one of the Jewish groups that there is no element in nature that can't be found (confirmed) in the physical body of man. There is nothing seen in the heavens that can't be found in the material body of humanity, positively or negatively. Science hasn't confirmed this in anything but theory thus far, but the mystic has known, from the beginning, that when he looked at the night sky he was looking into “the mind of God.” More, the mystic has known that the Mind of God isn't separate from the awareness of you and me that looks into the night sky.
The ultimate confirmation is not just the body of oneself, but the Awareness of Self.

Body AND Mind. They body, quite the opposite of appearances, is within Awareness, not the other way around. 

Finally, the Child within is not theory but confirmable fact to anyone who is willing to look for It and feel It. To put that in religious terms, one who has felt the “holy Spirit” knows it is real, not imaginary. Putting it in subjective terms, one who has had a Glimpse knows the reality of that Glimpse and what it does for him. Putting it in the Equation's terms, one knows the Child is still alive within himself and is all that is important therein.

A meaningful equation: The “river” of thoughts is like the mathematical point. 
Objectivism is like the line. Subjectivism is like the plane. The Equation is like the Sphere wherein all the dimensions exist and time vanished. The point is limited to the point's purview, the line to the line's, and so on. But line understands point, plane understands line and point, etc. The Child-Self precedes time and space, even while being in it and understanding why it exists. 

Bottom line: We rediscover the original Child within us all and run with it. It will tell us all we need to know of religion, psychology, metaphysics and science without taking us to all the extremes therein.

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel 

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William Samuel 

The Elijah Illustration About Light, Time, Space And The Real Identity.

"Songs" By Sandy Jones 

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 

The Elijah Illustration About Light, Time, Space And The Real Identity

There is a verse in The Gospel According to Thomas, “If they say to you: 'From where have you originated?', say to them: 'We have come from the Light, where the Light originated through itself...” The genuine Identity of us “comes from the Light.” That reality seems buried deep within us, as inaccessible to the intellect as the soul is, the very essence of being. But it is not inaccessible; it is within our reach for the asking. Let me use an analogy that will help us understand.

A big brass eagle I call Elijah sits in the middle of my living room coffee table. My son calls it “montrocious,” but the eagle and I don't mind. Rachel likes it, too. Company was here recently, and since the great brass bird on the coffee table can hardly be ignored, it became an illustration about light, space and time.

There are so many wonders concerning light. One of them is the mysterious photon itself, that enigmatic bundle of mystery that does so much in the world. Tiny photon, how can you be nearly everywhere in space at once? It is that particular quality of the photon which I came to explain via the brass eagle—and this illustration also suggest how the Original Nature of us is also everywhere in space and time. 

The photons that illumine this page (or appear entrapped as the very paper itself) are bringing more information to us than could have been dreamed a few years ago. Essentially, photons are information. Light is information. When viewed subjectively, information is light. 

There sits Elijah, my big brass eagle who must weigh twenty-five pounds, looking for all the world as if he's just come to rest on a brass stump that stands above the water of the glass-topped coffee table. (Son Bill expects him to go crashing through any day.) For the purpose of this illustration, I suggest that Elijah is just leaving his perch, getting ready to fly faster and faster.

Well now, how does the brass bird look to us as he goes faster? Smaller. And still smaller as he gets to the speed of sound and smaller yet as he flies at half the speed of light. At those speeds it takes special equipment to see him at all. Then, when he gets to “light,” which is to say, the speed of light—186,300 miles per second—Elijah becomes a photon to us as we sit in the living room drinking our coffee.

Where would Elijah, the photon, be at any given moment in time? From our perspective, virtually everywhere. That's interesting, isn't it? The nature of light is such that our attempts to locate it in time are impossible because at light, it exists beyond time. Experiments suggest that the photon, the eagle at light, is everywhere in the room simultaneously. Though we can't see him with the eye, the fact that he is everywhere(as light) is the reason we are able to see the things not moving at the speed of light. It is the steady flow of photons that lets us see one another or read these words of print. Who knows, the photons that brighten this page may be cosmic eagles—or “angels of the Light.”

So far, so good. Don't worry if the illustration isn't precisely accurate, scientifically. Now, how does this room look to Elijah as he flies faster and faster? Things seem to be rushing past him more quickly, that's for sure, faster and faster as he passes over our heads. But, for the eagle's view, something else is happening which is important to take into our thinking (or non-thinking) while we make this illustration. The room becomes smaller and smaller to Elijah as he moves faster—not unlike the way the years seem to move more quickly for us as we grow older in time. Not only does the room grow smaller to Elijah, but so does the tangible universe—smaller, smaller, going, going, and at the speed of light, gone! To the photon, there is neither time nor space. Or, to put it obversely, the photon is everywhere in tangibility at once.

Yet, listen, listen. The photon is ordinary worldly light. It is called “limited” light (by the early Christian Gnostics and me) because it seems to have a strange limit built into itself. The speed of light is calculated by present physics to be “the limiting speed” of the (material) universe—a primary, an absolute—and indeed, Einstein proved that light travels at that constant speed no matter what the rest of tangibility does. The speed of sound has the speed of the sound-maker added to or subtracted from its velocity—but not light. Light travels at the same speed whether the observer is stationary or moving a million miles an hour away from it or toward it—or so they say. Einstein's equation has been proven essentially correct, relative to the photon in our tangible universe. Our worldly experience of matter is somehow pegged to a limited light in motion. 

“Ah so,” as Han would say. So, what? Why the limit? Philosophy and theology—and maybe even a metaphysician here or there—have calculated that infinity is beyond limit. Such thoughts lead to the conclusion that if God exists (God being Illimitability or Light-spelled-with-a-capital), then there must be a Light BEYOND the photon-light we can measure. The ultimate Light must be omnipresent—at rest, Light that doesn't move at all. There is something in the Bible about Light without shadow, isn't there? Welcome to the club, physicists. The Jews and Gnostics, the Hindus and forest wanderers, the Taoists and many others made that determination thousands of years ago and have gone on to use the greater Light to explain things about the lesser which human sophistication is only now beginning to confirm.

If Elijah, traveling at the speed of light, doesn't see this tangible world, what does he see? Another heaven and earth where light may travel at a higher speed, say the theoretical mathematicians—in strange agreement with various spiritual lights of the world. There is surely insight here. When one leaves the physical body at “death,” who is to say that the Child, the Soul of us, doesn't “return to” or become Light again (if, indeed, it has ever stopped being Light)? If tangibility, as we perceive it, doesn't exist “at light” does that mean it doesn't exist? If it exists anyway, how many other universes my be perceived under different conditions?

At the speed of Light there is no more consciousness of time or space—but a new heaven and earth exist “at light” and “the old heaven and earth have passed away.” Could this have been what the Carpenter and the prophets foresaw when they spoke of this world being rolled up like a scroll?—and the one above it as well? How is it that the Gnostics rightly referred to the works of this world as an unreal creation by the dispossessed angel, Lucifer, whose name means Limited light? Since the material universe does seem to be the creation of photons, from which Awareness can't be separated for very long this side of “death,” what relationship exists between the awareness reading these words and the satanic Lucifer? Could the Zen Buddhist and the absolutist who decry all relationships between human consciousness and Reality be right after all? Is there justification for the metaphysical insight that says human consciousness is the anti-Truth? Wouldn't it be a surprise to the churchman who refuses to examine subjectivism to awaken one day to learn he has been enacting the very anti-Christ himself in his refusal to accept God's totality?

Or, could it be, as it has been shown to me, and as I firmly believe, that there is Something beyond all this matter of correct, incorrect, right, left, liberal, conservative, male, female, objective, subjective and all the other dualisms once can perceive? Yes, there is. And something beyond the concept of single/dual as well—even beyond the concept of “beyond.” There is a legitimate question as to whether Reality will be found by intellectualism at all. But it can be found by the simple and childlike. If I have found a small measure of it, I would think anyone can. 

This book is an attempt to go beyond science, philosophy, religion and metaphysics—without leaving them. The mysteries of time and space have intrigued mankind from the beginning. In recent years science has gotten down to real answers in a language most of us can understand. Even more, our technology is putting some of the most esoteric math to the test and the theories indicated quantum are working. The atomic bomb, whose enormous energy appears a threat to all living things, is a verification of theory. Another discovery, in many ways more significant, is holography and all that holography suggests.

Some of the experimental work of mathematicians using their principles of quantum allows us to examine the relative nature of time and perceive the ways we may one day soon be unbound from its limitation.

Excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! By William Samuel
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The Crack In The Armor of The World

"Flower Fairies" By Sandy Jones 

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 

By William Samuel 

A Crack In The Armor of The World

Nearly everyone understands that the sound of thunder follows the flash of lightning; fewer understand that the flash we see with the eyes is also delayed in time, that the flash follows the actual bolt of lightning by a fraction of a fraction of a second. If you explode a giant firecracker on top of Double Oak Mountain, you will see the flash there before I see it here two miles away, just as you will hear the explosion before I do. Light travels at a finite speed. The flash is fast but not instantaneous. 

Now, let me ask: Do you see that there is Something prior to your own world-view of people, places and things? That is, the image I see across the room—or even in the mirror in front of me—has Something that precedes my view of it, delayed in time by a fraction of a fraction of a second, just like the explosion on the distant hill. As you and I sit here talking to one another, you see your own hands folded in your lap before I do. Our views of your hands seem to be simultaneous, but they are not. At least, not in the space, time world. Everyone thinks, “But we see each other at virtually the same time,. What difference can a billionth of a billionth of a second make?” Ask a particle physicist how much difference that amount of time can make!

Years ago when I first discovered the subjective nature of the tangible universe and realized there was Something Else standing behind everything the world calls material—I called it Principle then—I realized that this knowledge should allow me to see evidences of that prior Principle—perfection where I had been seeing sickness, life in place of death. But such evidences or “demonstrations” did not always come to me on schedule or in the manner I expected. There was no consistency. It wasn't until I discovered the “chink in the armor of matter” that I began having repeatable demonstrations, as the scientist would call their experiments. That chink has to do with space, time and the speed of light. The crack appeared when the logical mind of me could concretely understand why and how it wasn't possible to look outside myself-as-consciousness and see something there instantaneously in time, but I could look within consciousness-as-Awareness and perceive SELFHOOD immediately. Then, that knowledge in hand, I could expect the image “out there” to confirm my Self-knowing, “precept upon precept”—and it did. It does. It must.
Who can explain this miracle to another? There certainly seem to be those within myself who are given to understand the “subjective idea” and those who are not. I do not know why so few understand—especially metaphysicians—but I can guess with assurance that this is the reason men like Jesus have said throughout linear history, “Let him who has ears to hear, understand.”

Now, we come to the wonder of wonders. Suppose I get up in the morning, look into the mirror and see that image in front of me looking like death itself? What am I to do? I know that the Awareness doing the looking precedes that image in world time! As Awareness, I am pure and perfect, no matter WHAT the mirror tells me—or the doctor tells me or anyone else. Identified as Awareness Itself, I exist before time and space I precede time and space. I precede the feelings of the body or any of its appearances. There is an instant of an instant of a second which permits, as time and space go, the misty, ordinary light to intrude with a delineating picture of things. I do not have to accept those appearances as final—nor continue to believe the humanly expected, causal, linear relationships to unfold in space and time as the world predicts.

If I hold out my hand and see evidences of the most horrible sight there—a huge cancer, say, or an angry, sullen mate—I know that there is a lag between what I am and what I see—and that same lag permits the real Light of Truth to alter the tangible seeing with a picture of goodness! If a mother looks out and sees the sight of her child falling under the wheels of a great red truck, she does not HAVE to see the mangled consequences of death and destruction following in time—because the Glimpse of healing Truth comes in that instant of an instant and is perpetually HERE to be seen when we look for it and confidently expect it. As the physicist or mathematician would say, the Glimpse contains “infinite possibilities” within itself.

But, my friend, I had to know why I didn't have to accept the appearance before I could expect to look back into the mirror again and see CONFIRMATION of the immaculate nature of Awareness being confirmed in time and space. Again, I don't know why I had to know that, but I did. Perhaps you must, too—if you expect to see the marvelous confirmations in your experience that I have seen in mine. (This is not the only requirement, of course. There is still the matter of what one is to DO with the glimpse and how one is to live the Equation of living.)

When the physicist or astronomer begins to take the prior consciousness of himself, the experimenter, into account—and begins to examine the awareness which is an integral part of every experiment (and precedes it in time), he will be able to prove the miraculous, even as I have. Why not? The difficulty for the scientist, as for each of us, is turning from self to Self. The old nature of us has many vested interests and doesn't want to be forsaken. I don't believe my world “out there” is going to appear concerned about the perfect Child within themselves that precedes tangibility in time and space until a common disaster looms for all mankind. Could that be what is turning the distant sky so dark and making all that thunder in the far places? Perhaps, but the disaster doesn't have to happen. What can we do to avert it? We find the Child and live the Child's Equation.

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel
 Available on Amazon

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Quantum Man, The Guided Missile

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
By William Samuel



  Something enormous is soon to happen in the world; there is no sensitive person who doesn't feel this deeply. In every field—science, religion, philosophy, government, business, or whatever—a strange sense of disquiet is growing, a feeling of Something Imminent. As we look about us, we can see that the world is off course. Many who think they understand, point to drugs, overcrowding, pollution, the overload of information, corrupt government and any number of other possible causes. But what is happening now has a more significant and, as yet, undreamed of cause. The recognition of this deeper dimension comes with a solution for the world's problems! This book is about that.
If we think of mankind in quantum terms—as a single organism—we might picture civilization as a missile moving through time and space. This missile has been on its way for many thousands of years, headed for a special destination for mankind. Its internal guidance mechanism was turned on when the great religions and philosophies arrived to give humane guidance to men. For Western society, the missile's central system was activated at the time of Judaism's declaration of one God, and that declaration, along with similar statements from other cultures, has been the primary directive for society thus far.
When Christianity arose and broke from the popular Judaism of the day, the missile received input that altered the course, much as our satellites today are given in-flight corrections as they move to do their work in the universe. With each discovery or development in history, Eastern or Western, external and internal, have come new adjustments in civilization's direction. None of the developments in this long line of progression have been accidental or "bad," despite the human tendency to judge them so. Everything that has happened has been driving us relentlessly to this present moment and to the events shortly to begin.
Now, imagine the missile of collective civilization nearing its target, ready to receive its final redirection for the next and perhaps last phase of the trip—not unlike the "smart missile" that sees the target ahead and directs the internal mechanism to drive itself straight to the destination. For mankind, the destination is a rediscovery of simple subjectivism, a new mark in non-space and non-time, a fulfillment of the Original Purpose for tangible life on earth.

As far as the relationship between time and space and their interconnections to tangible life goes, the end-game's corrective information is presently being received within the quantum body of civilization. This information is intended to adjust and correct society's major systems for their final movement as mankind comes to discern the true nature of things—particularly time, space, matter and awareness (life). In many ways science, the vanguard of human wisdom, has nearly reached that comprehension already.

What does this final corrective feel like to you and me here in the old-world scene of things? It comes as a new clock turned on within us; as new sensitivity; an increasing intuitiveness; a new perception within us; as certain unfamiliar anxieties, disquiets, stresses and discomforts; as inexplicable fear and depression. Anyone can look at the human scene and see the lids popping off here and there with acts of insanity and people trying to satisfy impossible urges. Who is to say what the northern geese feel before they assemble to make the trek south? Or the butterflies before they start their long upwind search for their ancestral birthplace? I know that dramatic course-altering input is presently arriving within mankind; the sensitive feel it especially. This arrival is not unlike the way the ability to perceive color has developed in mankind in recent millennia. We are told this sense is one of the latest developments of the human brain—but what is presently happening is at a deeper level of mentation. What is it? The arrival of the truly subjective nature of mentation—quantum man's capacity for ever greater introspective self-examination. 

  At this moment, civilization is a little like a field of cotton beginning to bloom: first a boll here, another there, then more and more until one morning we look out and the entire field is abloom. Or, it is like popcorn popping. One kernel pops, then another and another until there is a veritable explosion of the rest. Hard pressed, shaken together and running over, mankind is coming into a conscious knowledge of a subjective sense of things which is certain to alter the course of civilization. The first "blooms" have been the prophets, the seers, the avatars, the insightful, those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Now the field is turning white with the ability to perceive subjectively. Confusion abounds at the unrecognized newness of it all. Now that subjectivism is here, no one knows what to do with it. The major divisions of human activity have not made the necessary adjustments to allow the missile the freedom to change course. Neither education, government, religion nor metaphysics has made the full turn demanded of them—and the time is short. In certain areas, science, with the help of subjective quantum mechanics, has adjusted reasonably well as it goes along searching the vistas of tangibility, but it remains to be seen what scientists will do with their information once it becomes clear that they are now, and always have been, examining consciousness.

  People are individually willing to adjust, as their intuitions and feelings come into focus, but the controlling groups to which they belong, are vigorously holding to the old ways, refusing to listen to the New Sounds within. Either the institutions of mankind adjust to allow men to change mental course, or there will be a sociological anguish unparalleled in human history.


  Pertaining to this subjective capability within myself, I have come to perceive special things about time, space, and matter that seem to be generally unknown; yet it is essential that Everyman begin to understand them. Like so many of the things that have been shown to me in the past, I know that mankind and his science will find them soon.

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics
By William Samuel    Available at Amazon 

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One Ego

"Poppy Field" By Sandy Jones 
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Transcribed from an audio recording by William Samuel, 1978 --   

One Ego

How do we know that God is all?  This is one point one must find; if God Really is All. 

We don’t have to call it God, you can call it Reality or, Isness, or something else. Because we are certainly not talking about so big man who sits on a throne and he has a long white beard, and waves a wand and Jesus Christ sitting at his right hand and something else on his left. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about something entirely other than that and I don’t mean to be ridiculing those Ideas either. Because those ideas all serve their purpose. and I’m not in any way, form, or fashion knocking any kind of religious concept. Because I am not opposed or contrary to anything that I include within My Self.  Unless I want to be Self destructive.

Now, let's come here.  

So, how do we know that God is all? How do we know that there is one God?  

Judaism began with such a principle. You know, "Thou shalt have no other God before me."  

 Christianity began with the concept of one God. All religious philosophies begin this concept. How do we know there’s one God? What do we mean by One, Singleness? What do we mean by Oneness?  How do we know there is a Oneness? 

Well, these are some of the ways I did get past intellect and finally did get to the heart with it.

Now just consider for example everything tends toward oneness. Everything that we perceive in this Universe tends toward oneness. 

You start out and you got electrons and protons and other particles whirling around a single nucleus and it is one atom, isn’t it?  
And then we have a whole passel of atoms and it winds up being one molecule. You got a bunch of molecules that wind up being one grain of sand. And you have lots of grains of sand that tend to be one rock. And we see that many rocks tend to be one mountain. In all nature, we see everything tending toward singleness. You will find that many mountains tend to be one continent. You will find that several continents tend to be one earth.  It’s always a move toward singleness. You’ll find that several earths or planets constitute one solar system.  A lot of solar systems constitute one galaxy.  a lot of galaxies constitute one Universe. 

Alright, so That which is being the one final Universe is that which is God, That which is being the Totality of Being, is what God Is. 

And that Totality of Being certainly includes Life doesn’t it? There is Life right here, right now, Living, being aware. It is includes trees and bees and little girls with scruffy knees. It includes mountains, it includes birds, it includes all of the images of perception.  All included in and within the Universe.  All tending toward a single oneness. Well, that which is being Life, which is being things, is what we call God.

Now let me show you why It is ineffable. That is, why there is no way in the world to put your finger on what God is. Why It is an undefinable term. Why you can’t outline it or describe it, or use words to speak of what Isness is, or Reality is.   It’s impossible.  

All the religions have said you can define every thing but you cannot define what God is.  And we all know this is true. In fact there was a time in Hebrew history when the word wasn’t even written. There was no word representing God. In fact this is still true.  Some other concepts in the East or Middle East where the word God won’t even be written.

So why then would it be ineffable. Let’s pretend there is a lump of gold here in the middle of the room.

Better yet, let me tell you that everything we see, birds and tress and bees are what we call the qualities and attributes of God. All of you who have studied physics or chemistry know what we mean by qualities and attributes.

Well, Isness is apparently being those qualities and attributes that constitute the Universe. Well, we an certainly comprehend this, something has to be whatever this is, whatever things are. 

There is some isness being the qualities and attributes that constitute the Universe including this Life right now that is living here.

Alright, now why it is impossible to see or perceive God I can point out with the illustration called the lump of gold. 

If you will just see in the middle of the room a lump of gold and pretend that its all and its only and that there is not anything else besides. 

So what are the qualities and characteristics, or attributes of the lump of gold?  Well, one of them is that it’s yellow.  So right, it's yellow, but yellow is not all there is to gold. Well, yellow by itself is nothing, yellow could not exist unless the lump was gold existed. And yet there isn’t any gold itself in yellow. Yellow is just a quality or characteristic.  The quality is because gold is. Now, another characteristic is that the gold is malleable. Well, okay, is there any gold in what we call malleable? There is not, but malleable exists. Malleable is measurable, malleable, since it's measurable, is finite.  Malleable is not all there is to gold. And yet malleable lives and moves and has its being because gold is.   

And another, gold is, you might say, heavy.   Is there any gold in the term heavy? You might also say what its taste would be, I don’t know what gold tastes like, maybe it's tasteless, is there any gold in tasteless?   

You’ll see that the only thing we ever perceive with the eye, or can measure and hear, or touch with the hand, or anyway consciously aware of are always qualities and attributes.  Yet there is no gold itself, no gold in the qualities and attributes. These qualities and attributes exist because gold is.  Even if we knew all there is to know about the qualities and attributes and knew everything about their relationships and inter-relationships, we would still not perceive that Isness that is being the qualities and attributes.   

So it is that if we were to know everything there is about all the chemical things we perceive in this universe, all the physical things and material things, all of the stars and the planets, and all that constitutes them and all of their relationships, and inter-relationships, backward and forward.  And the intellect could perceive all there was to perceive, the intellect would still not have touched that isness which is being all these qualities and attributes. 

So we can see intellectually why we can’t define this term God or Isness. But we can understand that there is Something being these qualities and attributes.

Would you have yellow if there was not an isness called gold? Would you have malleable or soft or whatever the other qualities and attributes are, something has to be them.   

So, therefore there is an Isness, an Ineffable, Unnameable, Being what we perceive to be the Universe. and this consciousness of It. And that Isness for lack of a better word, is called God.

And where is It?  Where is God? Where is Reality? Where is this Ineffable Isness? Well, It's right here, being this consciousness that is conscious of things.

You know, I went around the world looking for God-- twice! Not once, twice. Traveled on and studied in several continents. With all kinds of teachers, only to find out that God was closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing.

God or Reality is being this very Life I am. This consciousness lives and moves and has its being because Isness, Reality Is, an Ineffable Is. 

Now let me tell you, if this Ineffable can be such a perfect Universe, planets moving in such precision, balance beyond belief --  all the physicists, and chemists are constantly amazed at the intricate, perfect, harmonious, mathematical precision at every turn of the road, in every study. If this Ineffable can be that perfection, then what does this awareness being I have to worry about its existence, its being?  None at all, none at all. 

Excerpt from audio CD "One Ego"  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Little Boy Lost


Pondering the enigma of communication one day out in the back country of my hills, I witnessed the happy reunion of a father and his five-year-old son who had been lost in the woods for many hours. I knew the boy would be found—and I knew I knew—but despite the positive knowing, I was unable to allay the father's fears or bring him to understand the Truth I saw. Then, even as I wondered—even as I asked about this inability to communicate when it seemed so important to do it—I saw the little boy and the father find each other.

Oh, such a reunion! A barefoot ragamuffin came running out of the woods shouting with all his might, "Daddy! Daddy!" and I saw the father, unashamedly sobbing, sweep the child into his arms. All he could say was, "Hallelujah! Praise God!" again and again. "Hallelujah! Praise God!"  

Then and there, it was my joy to see the communication was ever so much more than fancy words, proper grammar and intellectual nuances; more than education and cultured sophistication. I saw uninhibited enthusiasm say more in an instant than all the words of the encyclopedia heaped upon all the words of the Bible. I saw uninhibited being, stripped of its world-be possessor. In the twinkling of a "Praise God" and a "Daddy, Daddy," I learned that words are just words. Too many are a clutter, and pompous ones a waste. Simple, unpretentious, tender childlikeness—honesty—stirs the Heart and overthrows the intellect, leaving the child-we-are in the Father's arms. 

Since those days, I have been a child again wandering along the back roads and river banks, enjoying, enjoying... Since that time I have known that the intellectual, philosophical presentation of words is not the all-fired important thing I had made of it before. Then and there I determined, as best I could, to end my own use of pompous metaphysical language and attempt to say whatever might be necessary to say in the tender, simple way so natural to us all.
This is a portion of the simplicity you and I have discovered, dear reader. It tells the Story to the first and the last alike.


"Ah, but what of our dignity if we act so simply?" someone asks.

There has never been more Dignity in all the world than the child who runs to his Father and whispers, "I am home again!  I am home again!"

The Secret Of Communication

This afternoon I held a smooth stone in my hand that existed before a single word had ever been uttered.
Which is more significant: the smooth stone or the words that describe it?


Dear Mary,
Very often we give too much importance to words. Those who are most devotedly looking for the Truth are frequently the ones most hung up on "This is relative or that is absolute."  How many times have you heard that? I was the world's worst. As a renegade metaphysician traveling over the universe from sage to Guru to Prince to Practitioner to apostate, no one ever became more entangled in the intellectual concern for words and their precision than I. Pretty soon I found myself with certain expressions I did not dare use in the presence of some people because I was sure my words indicated my level of comprehension. Bosh!

Subtle restrictions of expressions—thousands of them—abound within the judgmental framework of coming-to-comprehend the Light rather than being the Light.
In our studies here in Mountain Brook, the first thing we do is to look into the matter of words, thence to come down from that ridiculously lofty and arid plateau of "absolute" versus "relative." All words are relative. No word is absolute. The absolute that Isness is exists in a dimension as much beyond words as a melody is more than a sheet of music or the principle of arithmetic more than a numeral.

There is an intellectual aspect to Truth, of course, and words play their part in that but the Real contains an infinity of subtle essences that is more than words, greater than words. The awakening to these is often precluded in our wrestling matches with semantics.

Excerpt from "The Awareness of Self-Discovery" by William Samuel 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Child's Interface


  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than the following: In all existence, there is a “flow” involved. Be gentle with yourself and remember the flow of old. What was it? When we were children we interfaced with God and the world freely. Our imagination flowed without restraint into the world of people, places and things. By the same token, the world of people and things flowed freely into the child. We saw a frog (outside) and, presto, the imagination was off and running. Or, we thought of kings and queens (inside), and immediately the people walking up the street (outside) became part of the royal court (BOTH sides). 

Adulthood has woven a veil that hangs between the Child-heart and the world. The world outside has become the adult's reality, bound in time. The free-flowing exchange from inside to outside, outside to inside, has been interrupted and insulated by the unconscionable bastard we insist on being in linear time.

  Just as a stopped-up kitchen sink needs to flow again, it is necessary for us to regain to flow—outside/inside, inside/outside—moving freely again. Examining one's own thoughts is the necessary first step—and make no mistake, it is necessary. The Child thinks differently than the old man, as you are feeling already while the Child comes alive in your experience. Of course, writing is not the only way to examine one's thoughts (and thinking), but it is the most immediate way to do it by oneself.

  In human history, the “breakthroughs” to greater dimensions have inevitably occurred with writing playing a major part in the process—from the ancient forest wanderers to these final days of this civilizations, as physicists sit pondering their equations. The historic Jesus may have written only in the sand, but who can dispute he caused much to be written? So, we do this writing for ourself alone—without an intermediary between ourself and God. Who stands between the thinking and the thought but our Self? In the end, all the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our OWN experienced interface with Reality—inside and outside.

  The instant a word of our own is written on the paper before us, our tangible scene has been altered—moved toward darkness or light, for better or worse, by that written (and spoken) word. If we keep the flow passing between the heart and the fingers that touch the world, the old bastard's barrier becomes less opaque and our experience in the world starts improving. As the Child of us shows us our birthright atop Da Shan (and we're quickly on our way the moment we take pen in hand), the climbing adult diminishes, the Child increases in consciousness, more and more—until, atop the mighty mountain of Kwangse, naught remains but the True Identity, the Child I am. 

  Despite all you have heard elsewhere, there is no way “There” short of finding and living the Child that IS there and everywhere. There are no shortcuts. No church can take us there. No doctrine can do it for us. We may lay metaphysical claim to our heritage until the jade eggs of Da Shan hatch, but we don't receive that heritage until we BECOME the Child in conscious, living action. 

Intellectualism has its place, but it doesn't take us home. The Child's conscious “return” to the peak of the mountain is accomplished in living fact before one gets off the temporal world's wheel of trials, tribulations, beginnings and endings, time and rebirth.

"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
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