Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Child's Interface


  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than the following: In all existence, there is a “flow” involved. Be gentle with yourself and remember the flow of old. What was it? When we were children we interfaced with God and the world freely. Our imagination flowed without restraint into the world of people, places and things. By the same token, the world of people and things flowed freely into the child. We saw a frog (outside) and, presto, the imagination was off and running. Or, we thought of kings and queens (inside), and immediately the people walking up the street (outside) became part of the royal court (BOTH sides). 

Adulthood has woven a veil that hangs between the Child-heart and the world. The world outside has become the adult's reality, bound in time. The free-flowing exchange from inside to outside, outside to inside, has been interrupted and insulated by the unconscionable bastard we insist on being in linear time.

  Just as a stopped-up kitchen sink needs to flow again, it is necessary for us to regain to flow—outside/inside, inside/outside—moving freely again. Examining one's own thoughts is the necessary first step—and make no mistake, it is necessary. The Child thinks differently than the old man, as you are feeling already while the Child comes alive in your experience. Of course, writing is not the only way to examine one's thoughts (and thinking), but it is the most immediate way to do it by oneself.

  In human history, the “breakthroughs” to greater dimensions have inevitably occurred with writing playing a major part in the process—from the ancient forest wanderers to these final days of this civilizations, as physicists sit pondering their equations. The historic Jesus may have written only in the sand, but who can dispute he caused much to be written? So, we do this writing for ourself alone—without an intermediary between ourself and God. Who stands between the thinking and the thought but our Self? In the end, all the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our OWN experienced interface with Reality—inside and outside.

  The instant a word of our own is written on the paper before us, our tangible scene has been altered—moved toward darkness or light, for better or worse, by that written (and spoken) word. If we keep the flow passing between the heart and the fingers that touch the world, the old bastard's barrier becomes less opaque and our experience in the world starts improving. As the Child of us shows us our birthright atop Da Shan (and we're quickly on our way the moment we take pen in hand), the climbing adult diminishes, the Child increases in consciousness, more and more—until, atop the mighty mountain of Kwangse, naught remains but the True Identity, the Child I am. 

  Despite all you have heard elsewhere, there is no way “There” short of finding and living the Child that IS there and everywhere. There are no shortcuts. No church can take us there. No doctrine can do it for us. We may lay metaphysical claim to our heritage until the jade eggs of Da Shan hatch, but we don't receive that heritage until we BECOME the Child in conscious, living action. 

Intellectualism has its place, but it doesn't take us home. The Child's conscious “return” to the peak of the mountain is accomplished in living fact before one gets off the temporal world's wheel of trials, tribulations, beginnings and endings, time and rebirth.

"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
Available on Amazon

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Subjective Comforter


People who study the Truth via subjectivism or metaphysics tend to think of Christ as God, as Truth, but not necessarily as man—especially physical man. Stressing the Christ rather than the man, the metaphysician speaks of Christ but seldom of “Jesus.” Metaphysics carried to its absolute extreme, having dismissed the mortal man, must dismiss all mortality or men—so it sublimates history and must, in consequence, think of the Biblical or historic Jesus (and all events in time) as illusion or myth. This is not peculiar to the West alone. One finds the same thing in Eastern philosophy. Let me state quickly that neither the Christ nor Jesus is a myth.

When first “the mountain” becomes “not a mountain,” (our move from objectivism to the discovery of metaphysics) for a time the concept of a mortal man goes out of the Christ for most earnest metaphysicians. Well then, how does one at this level of things, before he has moved beyond metaphysics, describe the historic Jesus of Nazareth? When one of the good, old-timey fundamentalist churchmen collars him, how does the metaphysician respond? Not very well, clearly, or there would have been a greater interest in subjective studies. A good statement that can withstand the onslaught of bickering theology needs to be made—but to do that is tantamount to making a rock fall up. 

Here is that question, recently put to me for ten thousandth time: “What is the significance or relationship of Jesus Christ to me, as this Awareness I am?”

Let me try to answer that question to the satisfaction of a thinker. TRUTH is applicable at all levels of human understanding, but the metaphysician has never been able to give a satisfactory answer to the fundamentalist churchman. Not just because the churchman hasn't come to accept subjectivism yet, but because subjectivism can't make the whole statement of Truth. However, the Child of us CAN.

In reply to the question above, I must answer from the metaphysical, subjective, middle position so it will remain subjectively correct, but still be understood objectively by one who hasn't caught the subjective idea yet. I begin a full answer: I can speak only for myself, Subjectively, people and history unfold within my self-awareness. I have no awareness of Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Genghis Khan, Dolly Parton or anyone else OUTSIDE this conscious/subconscious awareness that writes and reads these words. I take myself to be this Awareness within which all bodies appear, including this one that plunks at the keyboard, as well as the one who asks this one a question about Jesus. Everyone, including the one who reads these words, is within myself/yourself-as-Awareness. This is self-evidently and undeniably true for each of us, even for the theologian who dismisses it as “silly solipsism.” His dismissal doesn't make it untrue. 

Identified as Awareness, I look “outside” and see trees, flowers, people and history in the making—all MYSELF-AS-AWARENESS going on in an unending “now.” I look out and see evidences of the past(history) and the possibilities for the future. I look out and read history books and bibles. I look out and see attracting, compelling, unifying things and ideas which are all within this Self-awareness. I look out and, despite all the teeth-clenching metaphysical absoluteness I am capable of, I still see (“seem” to see) distracting, repelling, dividing and destructive things, all within Awareness. Wheat and tares.

The wheat and tares “outside” myself have an equivalent “inside.” The tree and the warm glow of the setting sun evoke a sense of beauty. The unifying themes evoke a sense of harmony and joy. The distracting and divisive scenes evoke discomfort, distrust, dis-ease, and so on. The obverse of this is true as well. I feel a sense of peace within and look outside and see evidences of that peace as happy and harmonious things I might not have been aware of otherwise. (Part of the Mystery is the Christly admonition to “make the inside and the outside into a single one.”)

Let us examine this solipsistic fact for a moment. The first thing I see when I look “outside” is this body-image at the typewriter, an image more sensitive to me than all the other images—from this objective point of view. Stick a pin in this image and I yell. Stick a pin in that image and I may yell, but I don't always feel the pain. “My” view seems to be limited to the purview of this first image whose name is William and who sits here at the typewriter. But is isn't. After these many years of subjective living, I have learned that Awareness isn't limited at all, but can and should perceive from many viewpoints simultaneously, including some views little understood by the more distant images I see within myself when I look “out”—and especially not understood by my religious selfhood, nor even by my metaphysician friends who should understand. For that matter, Awareness sees things undreampt by men. 

The belief which “the world” proclaims and the beliefs (viewpoints) I hear spoken “out there” in the people-world are written and spoken from the position that IDENTITY is that first thing I see when I look into the mirror. That body-image which is so sensitive, the world says, is our (my) identity. This form and shape that sits here writing and answering your question is said to be the identity I am—an identity not unlike the form of the man who walked the hills of Galilee. But clearly (to me), the body-image is not my identity. Rather, the Awareness that “looks out” and looks in, “thinks out” from that body, is the Identity I am. The Awareness within which all the bodies and trees and books and artifacts appear is Identity, as nearly as I can establish at the metaphysical level. My God, if I'm naught but the body, I am a mere bucket of blood and a sack of tremulous pumps. If I am that only, I am what my mother and father made. If I am LIFE, I am what God made. 

Therefore, this Awareness is the “subjective” Identity I am and think of myself AS. From this perspective, all tangibility, all things, thoughts, ideas, books, historic figures and all history itself are WITHIN the Awareness I am—and this Awareness embraces every form of every thing. Clearly, Moses spoke of this identity as having dominion over every creeping thing that creepth upon the earth. He also indicated that we lost sight of it very quickly in the scheme of things. 

Well now, subjectively (metaphysically), some of the things I look at are more meaningful to me at one time or another. When it seems this first image within awareness, the William body, is hungry, food is a sight to enjoy. When I look at a unifying idea within the world of myself, I feel more satisfaction than when looking at or listening to a destructive idea, a dividing idea, or one that creates doubt and confusion in myself and in the world. 

“But what about JESUS, for Christ's sake?” my questioner thunders.
He is the most unifying Idea I have, my friend, but keep your shirt on. I am answering your question reasonably, logically, step by step, leaving nothing out, which is the way the Answer comes to us. O.K.? Your question will be answered if you will be patient.

“William Samuel, I tell you that Jesus is the blood of the Lamb! Jesus saves! Jesus is the way! Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!”

Thank you for such love, my friend. Now let me answer that part of your question about the relationship of Jesus Christ and “me as Awareness.” I was saying that identified as Awareness, all my knowledge of anything and everything is WITHIN Awareness—including the knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is exactly the same for you. All the bibles of the world are knowledge that comes to us by way of Awareness. I have no consciousness of the avatars, Jesus mighty among them, except as they come to ME here, WITHIN and AS this AWARENESS. Would you agree with this? 

“I'm lost.”

It seems so.

“If I'm lost, why am I trying to save you?

You are not lost really, my friend, and neither am I. Let's get back to the subjective views of Awareness. About Jesus Christ specifically, because this will answer questions for subjectivists who need to know as well. They especially need to get their metaphysics straight so they can get on with the rest of the Work given them to do. 

Suppose I look outside that window of myself and suddenly, unexpectedly, see a special butterfly—a big, beautiful, flashing sparkle of ethereal light darting through the sky. I am delighted and thrilled. Something in me comes alive. I would like to know more about butterflies, and about THAT butterfly especially. 

What do I do? If that spectacular butterfly passes out of my sight and goes into history, I can still turn within myself, to my expert friends, libraries and books. I find a book on butterflies and learn more than I ever  believed possible because such books are filled with information, are they not? (Incidentally, those books are an external confirmation of the Wisdom you and I already are, internally. We may not know that consciously yet, but that is partly what the human experience is about.)

One day I find a photograph of my special butterfly on page 1212. I get right down to a knowledge of everything about that special bug, and I'm so fascinated and excited, I pack my bags and make the necessary pilgrimage to Central America to the butterbug's winter home. I visit with hundreds of those particular butterflies to learn about them first hand, eyeball to eyeball.

Now, my friend. Listen gently. The holy books of the world have come to me just like that special butterfly. I have gone to the experts and authorities and libraries of the world within myself to examine them further. The Bible in particular has flashed and flown through my experience countless hundreds of times—and I tell you, it is surely among the special flashing lights of my world. INSIDE that book, the story of the historic Christ, the “Son of God,” is, among all the stories within myself, the most influential record within this Awareness. How so? Because Something Wonderful within me stirs and sings when I even think of that man's statements and parables.

So, to finally answer your questions right down to a bug's whisker, my friend, I have examined the words of many men within my holy books, but the words of Jesus and the words of LaoTse are head and shoulders above all other words within myself except for my own. How so? Because those words of Jesus, subjectively understood, told me what to do with this first image, this body that talks to that body and they told me how to live my subjective view in an 
objective and apparently divided world of conflicting stories, ideas and people.

And why are my own words important to me? Because here in this world of images, they reflect what I believe. My own beliefs influence my words, and my words bring results in my own subjective arena, here and now. Whose words put those shoes on your feet? The words in the Bible or the words that came out of your own mouth? Whose words put you into your present church?

“But Jesus came to save the entire world, Mr. Samuel. In Jesus there is salvation. Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”

You aren't listening, are you, my new friend? Much more than acceptance, I have become ONE with the words from the Christ's mouth. I have become ONE with THAT One. Reading and rereading his words, I have come to learn the mystery of those words and stand as one with them. I have drunk those words and eaten them and they have become me. The one who uttered them in human history came to confirm this Identity I Am and you are, and the two of us have become one Identity.

Furthermore, as the inner meanings of those words have come alive within “me”—this form you are looking at—my entire subjective world is being lifted up, even as I am lifted up in the honest and faithful understanding of His words. As I find God's grace via the words of the Christ—and all other ways the light of Spirit comes—my world finds it too, just as you found me to come to and ask your questions. As I am saved from the former identification, all mankind within myself can be (is) saved from that mistaken sense of things as well. As I surrender the deadly deception, I come alive as the Christ-light for my own subjectivity, my entire world! And this is exactly what the Christ of the Bible told me to do, isn't it? I am doing those things with all the power and authority God has given Me.

At this point, I looked at the man who had come to question me and he was sleeping softly. His wife looked at me strangely, shook her head almost imperceptibly, first one way, then another, as if she were thinking yes, then no, then yes again. She wanted to say something, but didn't or couldn't. Suddenly she burst into tears and threw here arms around me saying “Thank you! Thank you!” Her husband awoke looking most bewildered.

Sometimes I look out and see those images of myself hearing what I'm trying to say. Sometimes they seem to hear and understand. Oftentimes, it is as if I were talking to a rock wall or a mud fence, but the one of myself who hears, makes plain the one who doesn't. And the one who doesn't, tells me I am to say it better and more clearly still, when I can, when I can, when, with God's grand Grace, I can. In ten thousand years the world hasn't understood the subjectivist yet. 

If the world knew how completely the “transfiguration” has taken place here-as-AWARENESS, the world would BE on the door steps of the subjective idea, butterfly book in hand, asking questions, prepared to hear the deep things of Selfhood. The Tree of Life is soon to blossom and seed. There isn't much time, of temporal time, remaining. Life is eternal; the mortal tree of life is not eternal. “Ask Me while you can,” says the Christ Light of Love.


Dear Sam,

You have answered the man's question logically. I understand how I should think of the historic Christ from the “is NOT a mountain” position. Now, will you tell me how to think of Him from the “It is a mountain AGAIN” position?

Dear friend, 

The purpose of this book is to help you answer that question for yourself. No book alone will answer you fully. The answer, surrounded by the wilderness of time and space, lies within you and your own interface with God. “Thine own right hand can save thee.” Perhaps you should know it took thirty years to write the paper you have just read. It will not take you so long to answer your question for yourself. Just don't throw the historic Christ of the Bible out the window as science and some versions of metaphysics try to do.

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"
By William Samuel

Available on Amazon  

The Child Messiah Arrives


When the subjective idea is clearly in hand, one is able to complete the interface with the world. During the time the subjective idea is developing, one is curled up within himself like a caterpillar in a cocoon. He is living in the world, working in the world, but growing spiritually by leaps and bounds. That is understood. We can't complain about the stasis apparent in the religious, scientific and metaphysical community provided we finally perceive movement and progress on the parts of those who are getting their subjectivism straight.

I submit that, with subjectivism clearly understood, one perceives for himself how to live it effectively on the objective scene of things. He lives his subjectivism objectively and remarkably in the world and becomes as  light that cannot be hidden.

Then the third step arrives. “The Mountain becomes a Mountain again.” After a time of balanced living, the ongoing of us are brought to make the surrender of everything. This is part of “the time of trouble” the Messianic Avatar carefully announced.

The final Secrets are to be revealed to those few who are willing to surrender even their vaunted religion and subjectivism to know GOD, Truth, aright. This is the final surrender—and may very well already have historic as well as subjective confirmation as Judaism's choice to deny the Messiahship of the historic Jesus. History records that Christianity indeed views the tangible (and intangible) Jesus as the living son of God. Perhaps Judaism, by divine Plan, rejected the Son, opting for the Father FIRST and ONLY. There is an objective reward for such a metaphysical position when the final trump is sounded—perhaps as the first group who will accept MESSIAH within the heart of themselves to be the Original Christ-Child of God, the New Covenant, for whom the prophet Jesus represents the historic evidence in confirmation—the Man who made that surrender.

Certainly Isaiah foresaw the Child of God. Certainly Jesus identified as that Child. It fits metaphysically that the discovery of the Child within will very well represent Messiah to Judaism when the Child within Everyman is found—and may even be found by the Christian community as well. But more likely, Jewish and Christian churchdom will fear for their dogmas, buildings and numbers—especially worry about deceivers—and refuse to listen to the Child Itself right in the heart of them. If so, the ministry of Jesus would be confirmed positively and subjectively. The prophets, including the confirming Christ of history, could be right once more. The Child IS the savior. A child shall lead a remnant of “children” to New Jerusalem, a new dimension. 

I state as a fact of my own Self-discovery, I walked the objective ground first; I walked the subjective discovery second; I lived my subjectivism in the world, discovering the remarkable Balance about which I've written. Then I was pushed into total willingness of self-surrender. That surrender wasn't finished until I was willing to give up my most cherished self-beliefs, even the teaching of Jesus seen to be subservient before Godhead. Then I was given the keys to the Kingdom, the Secrets of the Child and the Equation with which I proved the truth of the Self-revelations and the teachings of the historic Christ.

The point here (and I repeat it endlessly) is I was given nothing of the Child and the Child's Equation until I was proven willing, after many years, to surrender even my joys of subjectivism—everything—even God, in obeisance to Godhead. What I have been shown since has been lived and proven, every step of the Equation confirmed—attesting the primacy of GOD first, not the messenger of God, even when that messenger is the Son of God Himself. I was finally made WILLING to surrender the Christ Idea for God, perhaps a little like Abraham—and then the Secret was given to me so that rather than lose that Christly Ideal I could become it. 

Since those days, all but a few things I was shown have come to pass—and what has not happened, will, if the pattern remains as certain at its conclusion as it has been thus far in time. I see no reason it won't.

In the world, resistance to Truth is individual, then group wide, then nation wide, then worldwide. Objectively, the groups will be shattered and shaken as the individual has been—then the nation, then the world.

One does not have to be shaken if he moves ON with God—but he will be destroyed if he doesn't.

These words do not sound very metaphysical, but why do they have to? The Truth isn't bound to meet human expectations. God is still a mystery to me, but the Self-I-am, made in the perfect IMAGE of God, grows clearer every day—and those who heed these words will find what I have found. We become like the fountains we drink from. Religionists and metaphysicians drink from many fountains and have become a dilute nothing. There is a single Fountainhead, God, for whom Jesus speaks. The words of Jesus (in Thomas and elsewhere) are true and faithful. Whatever I have had to say can be found in those words or in the words of LaoTse who addressed nature as himself. The man Jesus drank from the Prophet's fountain and I drink from His. Jesus came as the historic, linear confirmation of the Child within—the first willing to BE that Child of God. I announce the Same Child of God, present in the hearts of Everyman. I hail Godhead first; I hail God's Original Image—the Child within the Elect of God.

Excerpt From  "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" Available from Amazon 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Space, Time And Progression

Excerpt From 
"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
By William Samuel 


Time and space aren't “real”—not as inexorable and immutable as they seem to be—but they are essential in this human scheme of things. Rather than deny their existence, metaphysicians would do well to come to comprehend why they are not what they seem to be and what role they play in the human experience.
When we take subjectivism into account, time and space remain the means by which we are able to comprehend the Reality that lies specifically behind them. “Point” isn't necessarily “real” from the standpoint of sphere, but it is a specific step in the mathematical progression in the knowledge of sphere. One goes from point to line and from line to plane, and finally, from plane to sphere. Sphere is “real” in the absolute sense, and the point, line and plane are three lesser dimensions within it, building it, so to speak. There is a natural hierarchy here—and a cosmology. Even though our comprehension of sphere is built point to line to plane, sphere precedes them in time and space. Our steps of comprehension are “after the fact.” Sphere “knows” all about point, line and plane, whether point, line and plane know themselves or not—and none of them, neither separately nor together, can know the whole of sphere. Sphere knows sphere.

Time is one of the steps in the comprehension of its opposite, timelessness. Space is a step toward the comprehension of its quantum state, Infinity.

The logician and philosopher—occasionally the subjectivist—want to know why the fall into time and space in the first place. “If they aren't real, why do they seem to exist?” That question asked of philosophy, religion and metaphysics is tantamount to the ancient wonderment about the origin of evil, if God is good and God made everything perfect. Religion, philosophy and metaphysics have never answered that question to the satisfaction of logicians. The absolute metaphysical pronouncement that evil doesn't exist outside the belief it does still doesn't answer the more basic question of who the believer is who entertains, or seems to entertain, pictures of presidents getting cancer and terrorists taking hostages. Again, the absolute position of metaphysics—“None of this is even going on. It's all a lie and I don't have to explain a lie!”—doesn't say anything that helps anything. Similarly, the claim that “death is an illusion” has done nothing to lessen the appearances of that illusion among those who call it illusory. The proper logician wants and deserves a better answer. Theology demands one but can't make it. Metaphysics cannot evade or double-talk forever without a real answer. Philosophy can't dismiss the matter forever either. Science comes closer to answers than religion, metaphysics or philosophy, but science presents the intolerable position that refuses to take spirit, ineffability, Deity, into account. 

Like Zen Buddhists, particle physicists and mathematicians insist they can't get beyond the limits of the senses to speculate about the existence or non-existence of Godhead, so they refuse to talk about it. But science has reached the point at which it can no longer evade the issue of Ineffability. Scientists are getting there ahead of the metaphysicians, ministers and priests, surprising to say. One wonders if they will be as successful at hiding quantum mechanics as the theologians in hiding subjectivism, dismissing it as “silly solipsism.”

Now, after all these years, I find myself able to give an answer that completely satisfies the logicians and pragmatists about the reasons for the appearance of evil in the world—provided they take the (unreal) time and make the necessary subjective proofs for themselves. I know the answer is satisfactory because I was long the pragmatic logician seeking the answer, content with nothing less than precise logic itself. What I find so interesting now is something never expected originally. Now that I have the Answer—able to articulate it sufficiently, such that certain states of mind can understand and agree with the same marvel of marvels—the people in the world who least want to hear the answers are those who first propounded the question so vigorously. It is a paradox of paradoxes to which many masters have alluded. Jesus said: “ you do not ask.” The old nature of us so hates to display its ignorance.

The physical scientist are interested, when I can catch their ear. People are interested. But ministers, priests, rabbis and “religious” metaphysicians seem to have no interest whatever, so those who rely on them for guidance have no interest either. Those who spend their time in study, straining to catch a bit of light here or a glimpse there, are too busy to examine the quantum GIFT that is new on the Scene.

"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  
By William Samuel   Available at Amazon Books

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Is The Child I Am


The Christmas Season is more than the matter of a few days.  Christmas is the Heart’s Season and the Heart is forever.  Christmas is Love’s Season and Love is without end.  Christmas is the season that belongs to children and there is no time when we are not children.

What is meant by the Christmas Story of “the coming of the Christ”?  The Christ is the Truth.  The Truth is the Christ.  Truth ‘comes’ as a dawning.  The Christ is our discovery of the Truth we are.  The yearned-for Messiah is none other than the here and now awareness awakened to the meaning of these words.  Does not the Christ say, “I am the truth”?  We declare without doubt or hesitation that we are the Presence of the living Comforter come to “set all things straight.”  We take this Identity unto the Self and live it.  We gird up the loins and live it. 

Somewhere along the line comes the truthful (Christ-full) discovery that we are not a finite body containing life, awareness, within it, but that we are awareness, Life, Love, containing all bodies within “us”.  Reader, for me that awakening is the Christmas of the Christ-I-am—a pure and pristine Light out of a new day, immaculately conceived, untouched by the world—a holy Child born in a manger.  But a child beset quickly by the intellectual Herod I fancied myself to be.

The child we are survives, however.  The child of Light “grows strong” and dares, with simple honesty and actions that coincide, to challenge the fiction for the fraud it is.  This is your Season, Reader.  This season commemorates your Self-discovery.  This Christmas is YOU.  The pealing bells, the carols, the holly leaves, the laughter, red noses, plum pudding, tinsel and happy tears are yours.  These things, every one, are ours.  They are us.  They are Identity.  This holy season is the merriment that Love is and it commemorates our own Identity discovered.

The discovery may seem to do with time, but the Discovered and the Discoverer are eternal, quite beyond the clock, above the measure of months, more than can be circumscribed by strings of twinkling lights or the jingle of bells.  Love is the measure of this Season.  Love tells its story.  Unbound, honest, simple, gentle and childlike LOVE is the gift we open and the gift we are.


At this moment it seems to me that we have a most important “mission”.  It is to discover and live the Christ-Love we are that we may be found to be the comforter of this world of images

that appears within the Selfhood that Awareness is.  As I be lifted up,” says the Christ, “all mankind shall be lifted likewise and drawn unto Me.”

We give the gift of Childlikeness to our world.  We give the gift of unbounded joy.  We give the gift of tenderness that warms the Heart and brings the soft breath of happiness, the tender touch and the unrestrained tear of gratitude.

We tell the story of Identity.  We tell the weary who they are.  We show them the Kingdom of their heritage.  We hand them their scepter and point to the limitless Light of Love

which is their dominion.  We look up and out and “show unto mankind his uprightness.  This is the Father’s business, so let us be at it.

Dear Mary and John, 

Happy Christmas to you folks!  This Christmas Season finds a New Star in the Heavens—this one to tell those with ears to hear of the New Jerusalem wherein there is neither sorrow nor darkness, nor age nor death.  

The Holy City is already the fact, you know.  Isness is the totality of all Being within which there is nothing that makes a lie.  In all singleness there is nothing to make it dual, and we do not have to wait to see this fact!  While there presently appear to be an inside and an outside, a here and a not-here, a now and a not-now, all these things are only aspects of the Whole, the All—for which this Awareness “we” are is the activity.

Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity Itself.  “Itself” knows these three are One Mind, one Love.

Well, this started out to be a simple Christmas greeting.

Don’t you forget that all the carols and bright lights, decorations and happy children are for you!  Who else is the Christ?


The Christmas Season commemorates our own awakening, birth of the Christ Truth within, arrival of our own Identity.  The Christmas Season marks the prodigal’s return from the land of husks.  This is the time when the fires of the hearth are rekindled—the time for coming home.

Coming home to what?  To consciousness, to Identity, to the heritage promised us from the beginning, to the Love we are, to the carefree Child we are, to warmth and tenderness, simplicity and gentleness—to the happiness that REALITY is!

Reader, if I could give you the gift of childlikeness, I would.  But this is our nature already—and this is the only nature that comes to see, accept and live the Real.  Intellectuality decries the season, anxious to explain it and then to have it over.  But childlikeness sees the sparkle of silver tassels all year.  Childlikeness listens to the laughter of angels every minute.  Childlikeness tastes the sweet sugarplums of Simplicity right here, right now—and feels the gentle Love of Christmas forever!  


Saturday, December 6, 2014

William Samuel Seminar in White, Georgia, Story About The DVD

William Samuel gave a weekend seminar in White, Georgia in May of 1993. The Talk was video taped by PBS for their TV programming.

However, 12 days before these talks were to be given William suffered a stroke. His condition made him frail and his physical situation seemed dire.
Despite the debilitating conditons Mr. Samuel found the strenght and fortitude go forward with the talk.

Now, we are privilaged to have this timeless and exceptionally marvelous taping on DVD.
You can witness for yourself how the Light of Truth Lived brings Its Grace to restore William Samuel as he shares with his audience this Childlike Wonder and Joy that lifts everyone in attendance. .

William Samuel- lecturer, writer, metaphysical practitioner and legendary modern day mystic- studied and practiced the spiritual nature of Reality and Identity since the 1940s. He has written and produced five books, numerous essays and tapes and gave lectures for over 30 years. Bill writes and speaks from lived experience not from speculation. His works, in simple and direct language, reduce the complexity of other metaphysical, mystical and spiritual writing into a language for the average person. Without publicity or promotion his works have found their way into the hands of folks around the world.

In the following Bill tells us in his own words based upon his doctor's comments:
"This was not an ordinary healing, but one of some substance as viewed by the medical community."

We get a glimmer of The Eternal Unbound Child. In this video you can see the Truth that shines out brightly in his words and from 'behind' the words.

The following is Bill's own recollection of his thoughts and the events during that time,

Bill writes in his Journal (in 1995):

About two years ago I was scheduled to "make one more appearance" - so a seminar was set up in Georgia in a most lovely place. Since it was to be a "finale" so to speak, cameras were brought in on a big scale and a fine video laboratory was scheduled to film the event from first to last - in several sessions.

A number of days before the gathering, I was struck by a full-fledged stroke, essentially making the seminar impossible. For some reason, likely stupidity, I refrained from telling my hosts until two or three days before the event. Some people from across the nation were already on their way.

Kay the indomitable lady in Georgia, said that if I did nothing but sit in the room for the prescribed time, that the "talks" would accomplish their purpose.

Now, that was nice of her, wasn't it? 

She just pushed me right up there with the eagles who soar and sing their seminars to all the other birds watching.

My opinion of my worth was quite something else. 

A seminar meant talking, disclosing the most recent revelations - making them crystal clear to those who were supposed to understand. I felt that this would be nearly an impossible feat to accomplish in this condition.

I explained as best I could, "Kay, here is how I sound. I must whisper. Every word is an effort, and the things that do come out are not what I expect at all. You be the judge. Should I come or not?" I wasn't even sure I could make the drive over.

Kay said, "Yes." Rachel, my wife, said "yes". The doctors who were attending me thought I was crazy - and my heart man laughed himself silly. "Do you mean you intend to give a seminar for two days - in this condition?" His laughter only reinforced just how absurd this was.

Rachel helped me into the car a day and a half before the talks. About the only words I could say aloud were, "This is insane!" Rachel drove to Georgia, with me commenting regularly, "This is about the dumbest thing I've ever done."

A brilliant young group of film engineers were already set up in Georgia, prepared to record my seminar, whatever it was. My first words to them, in trembling and trepidation, were that they might not have as much to film and record as they had anticipated. I could barely stand and talk, I told them.

In my heart I was saying "But God, I know I'm in your hands, and everything will turn out all right in the end.... I think."

From William Samuel's Journal 1995


Here is something from William's unpublished papers-- a paper that never got sent:


Dear Woodsong friend, Child-person,

Since the last time you heard from me, I've re-learned to read and to write. I've had to relearn to type as well, and this letter proves it even if it is being pecked out mostly with one hand.

Rachel has had much too hard a time with me to get out another issue of "Notes From Woodsong" and you have been be as patient with her as you've been with me.

Those of you who have seen the Seminar filmed in Georgia have had a rare opportunity to see and hear a "healing" in process. I don't know if such a thing has ever been filmed before. But there it is, a healing happening.

Just days before the seminar, I had a "crippling" stroke. I entered that beautiful Georgia room, in front of three cameras and a professional team of film makers, not knowing if I could say single word of this "philosophy." Right there, before a group of old friends and lovely people from all over the country, not knowing if I could utter a word, I stumbled in and began.

Nothing had been prepared. I couldn't read the few notes I had. Everything was being seen through the eyes of a Child. That tape turned out to be a filmed proof of this Truth in action. During those two days, you can see "Bill" regain his senses and able to tell of a Truth that hadn't changed at all, despite heart attacks, strokes and all else that would try to prevent the message of the Child from being told.

One is able to watch that film and see the "Truth" in action. The speaker who began that dissertation in the hills of Georgia was not the person who finished it. By God, I am STILL going.

Now, God willing (and I can't imagine God being unwilling) here is what I'm going to do. I would like to show you here a paper that was being written during the actual time a "healing" was taking place for me. It seems to me now, if I present such a paper, being written during the very same metamorphosis of physical and mental regeneration happening as it was being written, it will help those who might want the same. Well, I have just such a paper. Many of them, in fact. One of the wonders of journal tending is that marvels often happen as the writing is done, sometimes beyond the words that try to describe the vision.

I think at this stage of my affairs, having spent 40 years in the wilderness, a writer of metaphysics and things related, that I publish such a paper, to accompany the video tape. Then, the interested, as well as the doubting Thomas will have a record that they may wish to check out, confirm and try themselves. William Samuel -- Woodsong 1993


This is the inspiring 5 hour, professionally filmed and edited seminar given by William Samuel in May of 1993.

The following is one sample of the many notes of appreciation for this very special taping.

Sandy, I have viewed the DVDs of William Samuel's Seminar In White,Georgia several times; I find there is a lot that is heard that is not available from the books alone. I am privileged to have heard and seen this man who’s message is as old as man, but few hear. With people like you to make these works available, I guess I would have to travel the world in search of the Truth, instead, here it is, right here, now. It is surprising that none of my friends who claim to be seeking personal development are willing to sit down and watch or listen or borrow a book, not only of William but others who speak plainly of what is....... Brian

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Letter To Sandy

A Letter About The Child --  From William Samuel

  Dear Sandy,                                 September, 1986

Sit easy as you read this.

Clearly you are a lovely lady. Clean and decent and pure. “Worthy of my secrets.” I cannot wave a wand and make all pain and anguish go away—but they will go away! Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.

        If anyone has ever attained to the Secret of the Child within without human anguish, I have never seen or heard of him. “Blessed is the man who has suffered, he has found the life.”  Sandy, be assured that your inner turmoil is not in vain; it is not for nothing; it is not anything you are guilty for. Rather, it has been as necessary for you as it was for me—as it is to every small and large creature emerging from its self-spun darkness. 

         Here is a mystery:
         The little girl of yourself is still present within you.

In the world's belief, the child of us gives way to adulthood with all the anguish of growing up, growing older, marriage, family and all the rest of the world's tribulation. But the little girl of you is still very much alive, Sandy. 

  I ask you to DO the following which will prove it:

  If you will take a quiet walk this evening, the Child of you will go with you. If you let her, she will see the pathway, the grass, the trees and mountains for you, just as you remember her seeing them when you were an absolutely carefree child. Anticipate that as you go for your walk.

If you walk quietly tonight, mindful of the Child of yourself, she will let you hear the distant sounds and smell the evening fragrances exactly as she let you hear them and enjoy them when you were that wonderful seven years old.

Gentle Sandy, that little girl you were doesn't feel the anguish of the world nor anything wayward. The pure, simple, credulous pristine Child of us doesn't give two hoots about religion or mysticism or human problems. She holds God's hand eternally, fearlessly, joyfully, calmly, filled with awe and wonder, excitement and surging love. 

That is the Child I send this letter to. That is the Child I know you were Originally—and are now. That is the Child YOU know you are as well. She is the one I saw from the first time I met you those years ago. She hasn't gone anywhere She hasn't been destroyed by time, guilt, mistakes, age nor anything else. The Child of us seems to leave us in human time. It is supposed to—hidden for a long time in time—thence to be rediscovered and reborn right out here in time's sequential unfolding. She is the Original Christ Child of us, closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing, waiting to be re-acknowledged, called forth and rediscovered.

Walk with her tonight, Sandy. Look at the stars as you did those years ago. Be still and patient. Something will stir within.
You will feel Something deep within yourself. That greater than sensual marvel stirring within is the Christ Child of Yourself telling you that you are coming alive again and coming home again; that your longings can be fulfilled; that you have important things to do here in this arena of time and space.

Hear me once again, Sandy with the strawberry hair: Your own Child Selfhood is still alive! You will be looking at the world through those True Eyes again. I promise you that because I know what I have found for myself. The Child of you is the Child of me is the Child of Everyman. “Lest we become as children...” it is said.

Tonight, in the quiet of your walk, feel that grand Marvel within yourself—nothing less than the kingdom of Heaven itself. That marvel we feel can grow into Something a hundred times more marvelous than anything we have ever imagined before. You and I are holding hands there, Sandy. We are One with God and with all children. We joy uninhibitedly with a holy delight within.

Religion knows a little about the Child, but has rather misdirected attention to a figure “out there” in linear history. Metaphysics knows nothing of the Child at all! Isn't that interesting? But, don't misunderstand; metaphysics is subjectively correct. It is a PART of the Mystery. Religion's misdirection is correctly part of the Mystery, too.

I have more to tell you as you find the Child! Your time will come, lady who laughs and cries and worries about her children. The first Child to concern yourself with is the one within. That one takes care of the others.

Walk through the Door tonight, Sandy. Walk on beyond your fears. See how very much alive you are still. Something Wonderful will walk with you tonight. Watch and see.

Love from Woodsong on a misty morning, birds singing extra special for you and me—and everyone.  

I love you, Billy at Woodsong